BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. THIS IS IT! How to connect the moves into the shuffle dance.

25 Responses to “How To Shuffle Dance”

  1. KrazieKat88 says:

    Thank u!! And I’m from Melbourne lol crazy bitches :p

  2. lovee it:)

  3. shuffle is easy - melbourne shuffle is hard

  4. I like this video :)

  5. TonyTouch831 says:

    the song is called “Flashback” by Calvin Harris

  6. Where can I find the video of the shuffling at 9:43 or is that it? It’s amazing

  7. TonyTouch831 says:

    USA California

  8. 9:43 where are you from? 

  9. ninaababee01 says:

    Oh My God ;o !
    This Video Actually Helped xD
    I Know How To Do The Running Man Now ^_^
    Time To Practice Practice The Rest 😀
    Thank Youu Thank Youu Thank Youu ! [:

  10. mimiskellington1 says:

    shuffle battle against me and one of the best and ONLY shufflers at school XD

  11. jakesanchez1 says:

    @AkAtUPAmichoacan me to man haha i know how it feels….

  12. AkAtUPAmichoacan says:

    Fuck!! I just cant how to shuffle -__- I look so dumb…

  13. gslovethemusic says:

    @TonyTouch831 Thank you!!!!!!

  14. @eljeffyfoo actually it was started by azns lol

  15. prettycat425 says:

    thanks know i know how to shuffle!!!!!

  16. How come the song party rock anthem wasnt played lol……just curious!!!

  17. Sintaalusi says:

    thanks !!


  19. XDarkSceneboyx says:

    Good video

  20. Thanks for the best shuffle tutorial, your teaching methods made it so easy to learn and now I can shuffle with the best of them 😉

  21. @Unforgivinable  It’s: Forever Wolfgang feat 🙂

  22. TheMeanSgtPlaysPiano says:

    Fuck me it’s so hard to do.

  23. Unforgivinable says:

    What’s the name of the backround soundtrack lol?

  24. nice video ^^

  25. xXHannahhRayUndeadXx says:

    How do you do running man with a tap???