READ (7/6/2011): If this video gets 30 likes and/or 6500 views, I will upload a new hardstyle video onto both channels!!! Note: - How to shuffle dance like moi. - It is recommended you know how to do the basic shuffle. - I know I am not the best at explaining things. - THIS VIDEO IS TEACHING YOU HOW TO SHUFFLE A SIMILAR STYLE LIKE MINE. - Thank you to Joe Giordano for really giving me this idea. Enjoy.

25 Responses to “How To Shuffle Like The Future!!(Shuffle Dance Tutorial)”

  1. hey did u ever get the name of the song?

  2. alright thanks bro hhmm idk how to dance really but i want to learn and your video really helped alot

  3. MSqdTheFuture says:

    I’ll get back to you on that.

  4. Hey what is the song called the very last one kud u help me out pls

  5. victor199095 says:

    Bring Me The Horizon?

  6. keep the good work up <3

  7. jenayjj1 says:

    Ha very good man :) :),

  8. MSqdTheFuture says:

    Changed up my style a bit.
    Go check it out.
    MSqd//The Future.

  9. KayseeNomsYou says:


  10. MSqdTheFuture says:

    Thanks, man.


  11. LegitShit91 says:

    ur style works for u bro. everybody stop hating i dont see u putting up ur tutorial about how gud u think u are just do u and stiop the talk

  12. RioukiMyssakiRox says:

    the future doesnt look so bright :c

    also you treat like the shuffling part of the shuffle didnt exist. and the kicks… and the glide… and the and the spins… i think thats it.

    those other parts are usually necessary to teach someone how to shuffle.

  13. FlamingChicken8 says:

    Don’t move arms as much it doesn’t look good

  14. uuuuhm can i just EMAIL you my tryout for msqd

  15. Zueskilla21 says:

    The future is legit!!:) everybody gotta stop hating .. U know why?
    Bcus none of u can’t shuffle like him he is unique .

  16. silent22pwilliekrz says:

    gay ass fuck pussy jk very good vid 100 likes

  17. that’s some fresh shuffling man

  18. MSqdTheFuture says:

    I know you want to. <3

  19. MSqdTheFuture says:

    This was all recorded at 6 in the morning. Of course I’m going to be messing up in my speech. You should practice on spelling ‘horrible’ and ‘wasted’ before talking trash.

  20. bookadelooka says:

    that was horible . that was 7 minutes of my life waisted.
    you should practice on talking without pausing.

  21. MSqdTheFuture says:

    No, you suks.

  22. MrPantoja3 says:

    he suks

  23. TheBradboy2010 says:

    what is the song you was shuffeling to at the end?

  24. TheBradboy2010 says:

    wow pretty gd stuff 🙂

  25. drkdragonblaster says:

    omg dude!! you remind me of a friend i used to go to middle school with :