Someone asked me to explain how to take up more space when shuffling. Well, here you go 🙂 hope this is what you're after. I would have uploaded it a week or 2 ago, but my computer died, so I had to wait for the new computer to be finished... and boy oh boy and i glad I got a new computer!!! Editing HD vids on the old one was a nightmare. Total breeze now 😀
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25 Responses to “How to take up more space when shuffling”

  1. discjockeydado says:

    Kurac? xD

  2. TheEdwinner100 says:


  3. bull1399 says:

    recently getting into shuffling. im still horible. but my most favorite shuffler is rocky. he does a spinning thing. i havent looked at all ur vids yet, but was wondering if you teach it in one of these vids

  4. Subverttech4 says:

    I saw “Numbner” 😮

  5. Lp4FuckingEver says:

    NICE. liked that Running Man! genius!

  6. supermanvalle says:

    Its kind of MOonwalk, but there is also the other to the side, thats basicly Gliding

  7. rahulcoco says:

    Want bigger shuffles… wear phat pants.. bigger steps you can’t see knee movement it gives that illusion of “running man” like walkin casually in a different direct.. or anything baggy ..

  8. i want ur beard really BAD

  9. i want ur beard really BAD

  10. DJDREYproductions says:

    @BigMilan doesnt really look like a moonwalk…. well i dont really know can u make a tutorial?

  11. BigMilan says:


  12. BigMilan says:

    hahahaha as if it’s over!!! this is gonna go for months. get ready to see me with a huge beard in months to come hahaha

  13. DJDREYproductions says:

    Hey what was that slide you did at 2:42?  please respond

  14. DreamerforeverMetal says:

    well the beard thing? who can last the longest without shaving his beard for $50 =)

  15. BigMilan says:

    hahaha what do you mean?

  16. DreamerforeverMetal says:

    plz tell us who has won in the end!

  17. BigMilan says:

    i don’t know what you’re talking about. but did you like my sunglasses snake?

  18. BigMilan says:

    i’m not sure. jordans and af1 combination of some sort. everyone asks me. i don’t know. all i know is they’re the best shuffling shoes i’ve ever had

  19. idrinkpandacum says:

    holy shit bro your so good

  20. ripsticklord says:

    yer bro check out my shuffle dedication to this guy /watch?v=T92DCGbQfv0 leave a comment on it thanks bro

  21. elextrixxx says:

    who ever saw all ur vids MUST become an awesome dancer…great Job, all ur stuff 😉

  22. InitialDei says:

    I bet you used/still to play basketball? =D

  23. ripsticklord says:

    /watch?v=T92DCGbQfv0 my dedication to milan, plz leave comments thnx

  24. We bow before your wisdom on the dancefloor funk fu master.

  25. TheTrueSurviros says:

    From low quality, to High quality!! <3