hope u like and song is Noisecontrollers - Attack again
Video Rating: 5 / 5

12 Responses to “=HSF= Extacyz melbourne shuffle”


  2. mrshuffle99 says:

    @JamesDaniel11 ahaha shuu bro and coz shs was like dead so i changed 2 hsf 🙂

  3. Awesome keep it up this song suites you well 😀

  4. sonamaster says:

    oo nice to video i like song

  5. mrshuffle99 says:

    @aTrueBelgian i was listening to the song wen i was shuffling so it was the same beat 😛

  6. mrshuffle99 says:

    thanks every1 for the good feedback :) <3

  7. MagicKShuffler says:

    great video brother keep going your getting better everytime


  8. stompharder says:

    ZAAALLLLOOOOUUUAAAAA YOU PRO !!!! good video cuzzy !! 🙂

    =HSF= Damoo

  9. Missmaddski says:

    nice broo 🙂
    keep it up!!


  10. btshuffle says:

    whoa…great rock bro:) great song:)
    liked^^subbed back xD

  11. JamesDaniel11 says:

    Nicee its ur Shuuuuuuuuuuu bro (james) lol cool vid but why did u change from SHS 2 HSF

  12. aTrueBelgian says:

    NICE!!! perfectly on beat good work :DD