HSK Mikki (latest shuffle)

Just a small comp for HSK Mikki of his late shuffle hope you enjoy 🙂 ::Songs Released:: Dark By Design & Section 8 - Crazy Dark By Design vs Phil York & NDJ - Lead By Example (Vandall's Tuff HT Mix) Karpe-DM - Stomp ( 2007 Battle Mix ) Kindervater - FTP013.07.974 Noizy Boiz - On It With Xtc
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

51 Responses to “HSK Mikki (latest shuffle)”

  1. Knugent54321 says:

    @JIJIHDP 0.0 I thought he moved there!! I’VE BEEN LIVING A LIE!!!?!?!?!

  2. rootaay says:

    @Threesin i try to make my best i am almost going to have one year shufling hardstyle but i have much more to learn but afraid to show my self in public, lots of support from my team HSI malta ;D

  3. dadoofusbeats says:

    @Threesin T1M didnt quit he just joined the russian miltary when he gets back he will make a video

  4. Threesin says:

    That’s messed up, many GOOD hardstylers/Melbourne shufflers have quit such as Mikki, T1M, And many others please bring this back.

  5. rootaay says:

    if any people say mikki isnt that good any more it cause he quit once a person stop practicing he forgets everything

  6. Evolution2110 says:

    the place looks like the same place francis did his stuff

  7. CrimsonArmada69 says:

    This new style of mikkiz sucks

  8. CrimsonArmada69 says:

    @sterbill1 Idk

  9. TheGagable says:

    type this and watch it——-Epic dance battles of history – shuffle vs jerk pt.2 ——–

    who wins mikki or julian???

  10. DarkBlader0071 says:

    0:00-0:25 look in the background, and you’ll see Doraemon Shorts. Kinda hard to see with the epicness in the foreground. EPIC SHUFFLING!

  11. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    @sterbill1 Mikiizz

  12. STDJERSEY says:

    @TheFLKiIler Mikki doesnt have a facebook and he didnt buy a house with his girlfriend ecause him an Jen broke up way back

  13. regenal123 says:

    He probs get’s suspended from school, coz he rips the ground up.

  14. sterbill1 says:

    @CrimsonArmada69 what is HSK Mikki’s account?

  15. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    @STDJERSEY he means he;s not MikkiHskDk

  16. juanchocostone says:

    This is HSK mikki notice he uses Jens slide only ture shufflers now

  17. DenlingCantShuffle says:

    @STDJERSEY Nvm ..

  18. STDJERSEY says:

    @DenlingCantShuffle No this video is Mikki that account that JIJIHDP says isnt Mikki

  19. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    @thakris96 dumass he dyed his hair into brown n he change his style

  20. thakris96 says:

    this is not mikki….

  21. palaidor says:

    You in Rei *.*

  22. TheMishieee says:

    @mikeeemike33 they are just the names of some shuffle crews here in melb like HSK is Hard Style Klowns and so on

  23. DenlingCantShuffle says:

    @STDJERSEY I know him too and its not him?. Ived been together with him IRL. The one from Denmark

  24. pyromancer948 says:

    @mikeeemike33 hardstyle klowns hardstyle addicts etc lol

  25. IHKJasonakaBladeZ says:

    Might I say man, that i’ve watched this like soooo many times, and it never fails to amaze me; his shuffling and your song choices are perfect for his rocking style! 😀

  26. MrSikira12 says:

    What is the track starting at 2:00

  27. shk10189 says:

    damn stayc got smooth hand movements

  28. lovro1994 says:

    can somebody tell me the name of the song that starts in 2:00

  29. darkglaider says:

    Dam those godd time when shuffle was nice now its gone 🙁 thanks lmfao hope you get nailed by a huge black dude

  30. Braunicanshuffle says:

    big nice shuffle movie dud´s happy birthday ^^

  31. CsIxSNAT says:

    Åssen lærte du deg det christopper???

  32. KiwiNzz says:

    ill be postin a vid az soon az i can.i startd shufflin in 07 in melbourne.i came bk to NZ and developed a more flowy style.tho i .dnt like to hardstyle.more flow style,its a style i rekon everyone would enjoy,so keep an eye out.with in the nex week or so.:D shuffle isnt dead,just diffrnt.you’ll see lol.

  33. Laithe1 says:

    @abcdf753 nah i didnt, i was planing on going only to find out it closed 2 weeks before hand… i have the best luck ever haha

  34. abcdf753 says:

    @Laithe1 lucky you lol.. Im jealous that you guys have all these shuffle clubs to go to. did you get to go to PHD before they closed down?

  35. Laithe1 says:

    @abcdf753 good thing i live in Australia then 😛

  36. abcdf753 says:

    @Laithe1 scary stuff indeed. I see that every weekend as i live in Los Angeles where everyone shuffles like this.

  37. Laithe1 says:

    @abcdf753 oh god i need to burn my eyes now… that was pretty terribad

  38. abcdf753 says:

    @Laithe1 maybe you should check this vid out then lol… i must warn you though.. its pretty terrible :/
    Los Angeles is full of theses guys… /watch?v=pWIAcfQ49rY

  39. Orozco805Hardstyle says:

    hahaha the girl right next to brenton at 2:38 is doing malaysian shuffle lol

  40. Zipee27 says:

    Epic !

  41. xxMattz says:

    @wKoMoon look at elle’s vids

  42. D7Double7B says:

    1 step running man is so gay…

  43. josetorres101 says:

    y cant i dance??

  44. yamumsbum007 says:

    best fucking song!!!!! its even better when you are fried like a fucken egg!!!

  45. stay-c is the best female shuffler ive seen so far

  46. voodoobiscuit says:

    man wish i had a 21st like this instead of going down the local and sinking my body weight in guiness

  47. SiCkOfReAk65 says:

    @Laithe1 haha yeah never heard that before ! none of the moves relate to shuffling xD

  48. Laithe1 says:

    @SiCkOfReAk65 yea i know what you mean personally i think jumpstyle makes you look retarded but thats just my thoughts….since i learnt that it supposedly is a form of shuffle it has baffled me and still does 😛

  49. SiCkOfReAk65 says:

    @Laithe1 Jumpstyle is a form of shuffle? don’t see any similarity between the two :Phaha

  50. vsboy25 says:

    i think i might my birthday party there, unlimited bar tap.

  51. DJ_East_Funk says:

    Been a big fan of Mikki for some time now…since 06 i think. Anyone REALLY knows what happened to him? Like has he actually quit? Or is he just busy with college/university. Or did he pass away? (praying its not the last)

    Thanks. And please, only legit info