HSK Mikki VS HSR Row

Mikki vs Row Just shuffling around.. Been kicked out 4 times xD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “HSK Mikki VS HSR Row”

  1. TheMrGTAMAN says:

    5:04 Man: yeah im just shuffling infront of some friends while talking on the phone xD

  2. Stiffmyster87 says:

    row looks like hes about to crap his pants lol love his hand motions

  3. MikkitHardStyleP says:

    Yeahhh Mikkiz Eres Lo Maximooooooo lmlr

  4. NOVAD33JAY says:

    lol hsr going against hsk lol hsk all the way

  5. What’s the name of the 7th song? (first song played when battle is over)

  6. mikki is real shuffle comon master mikki

  7. Isaishuffler4ever says:

    mikki are winner!!!!

  8. swatunit05 says:

    @Marsunbi i dont think it is a toaster considering you can see what is happening maybe if you turned up your computers quality up to 360p maybe you will get a camera

  9. dancingpandataco says:

    6:55 – 6:60 OMG rocky smiled for his first time!!!!! 😀

  10. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my channel & my dragonborn shuffle! 😀

  11. IllTakeyoufromadig says:


  12. oldfarted says:

    Does anyone know what remix of DJ Gius – v like Venusian it is, it’s sick?!

  13. MelbshuffleTony says:

    @Marsunbi it was in 2007 u toaster

  14. What kind of toaster is this filmed with?

  15. WAiTWhOSaBOsS says:

    hahaha 5:27

  16. TheTOPProductions says:

    @MelbshuffleTony lool 😀 nice :d

  17. MelbshuffleTony says:

    @TheTOPProductions /watch?v=FsxgTUoX2Z0 <--- Rocky 2012 shuffle ^^

  18. TheTOPProductions says:

    @MelbshuffleTony ahh yeah sacco does and instinct too, forgot. but rocky still shuffles? o.o didn’t know that. but not for youtube, right?

  19. I miss mikki’s golden nugget hair T^T

  20. MelbshuffleTony says:

    @Bleachdarkness173 no

  21. MelbshuffleTony says:

    @TheTOPProductions Rocky and sacco and Instinct still do shuffling bro ^^

  22. MelbshuffleTony says:

    @thc4ganjaguru right

  23. MelbshuffleTony says:

    @TheTOPProductions oh oke xD

  24. thc4ganjaguru says:

    @TheTOPProductions Aus and Mas are both the same both 2 step

  25. TheTOPProductions says:

    @kilres14 All those 3 crews died a couple of years ago. None of those guys still shuffle at all, except Mikkiz. Well, he does MAS style now, he doesn’t shuffle like that anymore.