This Is A Video Of Me (HSRxCoSm0s) Doing The Melbourne Shuffle. This Is Mainly A For Fun Vid And Is For CONSTRUCTIVE Critism. So Any Opinions With The Shuffle, Video Editing, etc. Are Welcome, Just Try And Be Polite About It. And Yes My Video Editing Skills Are Still Quite Horrible And Sorry Bout The Quality. I Couldn't Find My Regular Camera So I Had To Use My Moms Tablet. But Anywho, Hope You Enjoy!

#Read Here# ReconSound here with Hadugen if you like this 12 minute mix of straight 128's and 130's give it a like it really helps. TRACKLIST: (1) Tung - Denis Chao|| (2) Anticipation - DJ Roc|| (3) Bumble Bee - DJ Roc|| (4) Suck my big fat (Ollie Wilkins mix) - Tonic|| (5) Far East - DJ Roc|| (6) Nightmare - DJ Roc|| (7) Eyes - Kascade THankyou 🙂

13 Responses to “HSRxCoSm0s Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. chubyboy805 says:

    i feel lik ive been raped in the ear by how awesome this song is thank god and ur mom and dad for makin u

  2. ItzWurmy says:

    keep it up luke. 😀

  3. reconsoundproduction says:

    @bestmastermind951 Thanks it means alot :))))

  4. bestmastermind951 says:

    couldnt be anymore perfect !!! shits legit

  5. reconsoundproduction says:

    @PL4Y574710N Thankyou 😀 feedbacks always good check some more out if you can


  6. PL4Y574710N says:

    nice mix!

  7. @mycomgame007 well its not, Its called Melbourne minimal.

  8. mycomgame007 says:

    @Olllie3 Actually its the most malaysian beat in here haha

  9. Thanks for using my big fat remix, but its not Malaysian..

  10. xXURI3LM4CI3LXx says:

    radd af keep it up

  11. THEChN0rUl3zz says:

    Pretty good

  12. reconsoundproduction says:

    @spykcantdance Thankyou :DDDD

  13. spykcantdance says:

    Very nice :D