a beast vid from paddy eiffey, nothing more said 🙂 Please comment thumbs up and subcribe!

25 Responses to “-iHM-PaddyEiffey-MikeyRizzo-Luke-MelBourneShuffle[IRISH SHUFFLE][MUST WATCH] Edited by Liam Rae”

  1. Conor Byrne says:

    class man

  2. HardStylePaddyEiffe says:

    i do indeedy ur man from bray 🙂 somalians cousins 🙂

  3. man i love your shuffeling it is beast remember i played with u on xbox blackking 12

  4. M40A3Snipin says:

    Whats de name of the second song wen mikey has the hat on ?

  5. 234walshy says:

    mikey may give ye a shuffle off next time i see ye

  6. darkmario131 says:

    What’s the last song?

  7. darkmario131 says:

    What’s the first song ? ! ? !

  8. MrDarylg242 says:

    whats the song 😀

  9. dublingurrl96 says:

    Songs Please?

  10. HardStylePaddyEiffe says:

    sub me peoplle 😀

  11. HardStylePaddyEiffe says:

    means alot mate sound:D

  12. Song’s please :L ? 

  13. NiamhhMcGrath says:

    anyone know the second song pls ?:)

  14. paddy is savage

  15. 2k10aido says:

    wats dat paddys song

  16. mikeys second shuffle was class 🙂

  17. paddy eiffey best jumpstyler ever : )

  18. mrmissinbits says:

    nah problem x3

  19. HardStylePaddyEiffe says:


  20. mrmissinbits says:

    oh my god paddys legend:O:L:L xxxxxxxxx

  21. HazismRepublic10 says:

    hes probably one a the best hard jumpers in the country like

  22. Golding490 says:

    song list please.

  23. MrLiamOtoole says:

    lukes class n paddys jumpstyle8)

  24. HardStylePaddyEiffe says:

    thanks peoples (: subscribe to me im paddy 😀

  25. Viixsterr says:

    Amazinnn!! :O oh God im in Lovee haha,
    you Babess ;D
    <3 viki.