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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Melbourne shuffle in the 1920's
Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 Responses to “INSANE Compilation #3 – [Melbourne Shuffle] [Songlist Released]”

  1. Maniac315 says:

    @SubstanceD100 Thanks bro ! 😀

  2. SubstanceD100 says:

    Well done man! outstanding compilation! Thanks for putting me in! 😀 P.s you uploaded this video on my birthday 😀 Liked+Faved+Shared

  3. D0minat3ful says:

    @dEsTiNy3HaCkEr hardstyle still soo fun ^.^ even tho ive moved to aus more these days :p

  4. Hhirome1524 says:

    Então, se a edição ta boa ou ruim tanto faz. (demorei pra entender tbm AUSHUahsuASUH)

  5. Hhirome1524 says:

    Acho que a edição não importa tanto assim. É só um complemento basico (antes não havia muitas edições nos videos, só um movie maker basico é claro, rsrs”) acho que a pessoa para ser bom não presisa de muita edição (acelerar,esticar, coisas que melhoram exageradamente a performace de quem dança) a pessoa pode shufflar ao vivo que continua bom. O que eu quero dizer realmente é que o que mais importa é a qualidade dos shufler’s que por sinal estão exelentes XD. Comp fav s2. muito boa msm parabens!

  6. Maniac315 says:

    @dEsTiNy3HaCkEr Haha, hardstyle/harddance never die. =]

  7. dEsTiNy3HaCkEr says:

    feel really good to know people still got hardstyle in their blood, last week i was like 80% sure that hardstyle is just died

  8. victorodsxD says:

    num soube editar o meu pau hick sempre poe defeito em algo.
    ta foda mano arrepiou , bela comp ! fav. otimos shufflers e edit <3
    bassmasters : victtor

  9. AshleighConlonxx says:

    Samurai <3

  10. Hhirome1524 says:

    de H.Hirome

  11. Hhirome1524 says:

    lol muito firmeeee manooo XD *-* tem muita gente boa aew euu fiz questão de ver 5 vezes tudo denovo uaHSUhsuHASUHasuhu XD boaaa msm (y)

  12. hsbpaulinhoph says:

    awesome*-* like s2

  13. wow *-*
    valew por me colocar na comp brother,
    favoritei aqui (: Like
    -MC | Túlio

  14. LordDelorfin says:

    Nice compi =D
    Thx for adding =)


  15. stoplossmr says:

    enigma>DotA jin jin> GC SAINT>WonderKing BART> ¬¬” ASTROBOY>kkkk(filme de um robozinho bem feio) CHLOEE>linda SACHII>linda² ISAAH>linda³ KIT>linda[4]  COKA>coca?cola STALKER>DotA² STAR>¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

  16. too many dancers for a video.because of this, all the segments – short(

  17. Maniac315 says:

    @LEDesign2011 É a intenção, os melhores shufflers independente de ser famoso ou não, mas sobre o “não soube edita o video” em que sentido? :O

  18. Linda comp só tem fódão !
    vlw por me por amor <3
    liked faved

    Rooh BM

  19. HardMover7 says:

    náááh i m not here :/
    quality and awesome compilation <3
    - Radis

  20. LEDesign2011 says:

    porra eu nao sabia que eu tava na comp agora que eu vi , vlw ae XD

  21. LEDesign2011 says:

    você não soube edita o video, mais escolheu muito bem os shufflers parebens liked LEDzn-Hicky

  22. haha nice style dude xD

  23. xXStrangerXx6 says:

    hehe 😉
    thank you for putting me in this compilation,means a lot man 🙂

  24. multilegolover says:

    the spongebobs that old? anyways, 3P!CN3$5

  25. redalbes1 says:

    haha doing the spongebob

  26. MrBlackClonez says:

    better than lmfao!!

  27. thecreepyguy says:

    That looks a lot closer to c-walk then actual shuffling with the t-step.

  28. thebinbanbon says:

    shuffling actually originated from rockers, it use to not be danced to to techno, but instead rock, and they used to be called rockers not shufflers

  29. basshunter1306 says:

    @Grzydeq we know that the charlestone…….its a joke “idiot”

  30. deshonelee1 says:

    fin halares

  31. its charlestone idiot

  32. ultrabrite1234 says:

    do i see a sponge bob w/ the last guy lmfao

  33. RuskoVEVO says:

    @PhantomT69 mid 80s

  34. RuskoVEVO says:

    watch?v=nBYVD1T9gFQ and watch?v=7UEi29BSXC0 and watch?v=iuu0nmK_1S8 and watch?v=F3BqgPPI84I are interesting videos to watch

  35. RuskoVEVO says:

    @Joke332 Jimi Hendrix invented rock, the art of orchestra was invented by Africans and Greeks, techno was invented by Juan Atkins, hardstyle and gabber were highly inspired by the afro american dance scenes (which is why the melbourne shuffle consists of only hip hop dance moves and the jazz side step). The shuffle is a syncretic dance. White people seem to make something whole, but black people seem to be the originators.
    The earliest forms of string instruments are all found in black Africa.

  36. RuskoVEVO says:

    @Joke332 Ever heard of the blues, rock n roll, R&B — these are all genres that pop, rock and funk has roots in.
    Trance — I got to admit that came from white anti-rock, avante-garde, post-punk artists such as Throbbing Gristle. Indeed, industrial music and italo disco is perhaps the true key originator of trance and many forms of electronic music; but while black people have more musical creativity; white people are more technologically experimental. Techno, house and industrial birthed trance.

  37. LizzKat20 says:

    Lol this is AWSOME! XD cool cool

  38. They should learn MAS Style ;pp

  39. stinger1873 says:

    @c0nradd well thats a fact thats wrong 😉

  40. @c0nradd metall? orchestra? techno/hardstyle/hardcore/hardtechno/trance/Pop? come from black people? any known black people with guitar skills out there? or did they invent the instrumental guitar plays and other instruments too? hahah dont make me laugh you son of a bitch

  41. sarutheninja says:

    looks more like hard step. just sayin. good vid though.

  42. @dfsw 30k now man. Cool video 😀

  43. @c0nradd Waltz? Foxtrot? xD But actually, you have a point 😛

  44. hardtroller says:

    @PhantomT69 Shuffle comes from Clogging, the classic irish dance. see MSO webpage.

  45. hardtroller says:

    lol’d hardstep and shuffling xddd

  46. GreetingsAquarius says:

    Jerk origins is more like it

  47. StupidKunt09 says:

    @c0nradd what ever. fucking go pick some more crops. its not a fact just because u say so.