Karpe-DM - Rise Of the Arena ( Adrenaline Anthem 2010 ) Track Written for a Event in December - Brisbane 2010

23 Responses to “Karpe-DM – Rise Of the Arena”

  1. jimbothing says:


  2. osiem1989 says:

    extra nuta! i Mega Bass!

  3. ModeGFX says:

    Song Makes You Wanna Have SEX!

  4. FMSWteam says:

    needs more fucking views!!!

  5. JezemyisAwesome says:

    amazing fucking song

  6. Dzyroth808 says:

    this track is like peanut butter on a dog’s nose.

  7. DrSkipp3r says:

    Make a Facebook page. Myspace sucks. xD

  8. djmos1111 says:

    wat a tune!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. BazSta1 says:

    As you ready the below comments, I think you get the Idea that your on the right path to success in hardstyle production world. keep up the good work.

  10. luvstiesto says:

    awesome track…luv it, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  11. wmsgabriel says:

    veru very very very very very nicccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  12. TheMystery7314 says:

    depends on the girl ;)

  13. mav12345341 says:

    Rise Of the Arena > SEX

  14. YouMakeMeSick321 says:

    You should be famous.

  15. APiCxSN says:

    DAMN!!! its GODLIKE !

  16. Naico14 says:

    can’t wait to the next track-release ;D

  17. HardMover7 says:

    love the beats keep up in producing new songs 😉

  18. DjRaymur says:

    Amen to that.

  19. bodiewarne says:

    Good fucking work man. Show the rest of the world what hardstyle should sound like. Such a clean tuff banging track. You and Soul-t played the best set at defqon1 2010 sydney. Melbourne PRIDE!!!

  20. thejumpdriverscrew says:

    when is its release?

  21. spinachcookie says:

    YOU GUYS. . wtf

  22. POKERFACE888 says:

    it’s great 😉

  23. deejaybreh says:

    not as good as your previous ones me thinks