im korean highschool shuffler

22 Responses to “Korea School Melbourne shuffle!!”

  1. Well good shuffle 🙂 but Bit slow -.-


  2. ISMAIL2088 says:

    full house shuffle..

  3. TAKEyourCREATURE says:

    @threesixtydegree If you watch a lot, youll see that korea is getting filled with shufflers

  4. Wah..this is really slow

  5. HardstyleRockez says:


  6. 하라는 공부는 안하고…

  7. threesixtydegree says:

    i didn’t know korea was infected with the shuffle phenomena…btw good attempt.

  8. nt bad ,running man do fast abit ,and dun forget dun look ur leg while shuffle,keep it out….
    HIF//D.O.N (mas)

  9. mysterioshuffle999 says:

    dis is shit gay ass ma grnpa dance better

    HTR/Misterio-Hardstyle Legend

  10. VonHardStyle says:

    Nice! Just add in more moves and you are perfect! hahas.

    ROCK ON!


  11. lol too much running man.. suppose to shuffle.. but u did show some shuffling so we know u didnt just practise running man.. 🙂 more shuffling = more variations and so it wont be boring for us to watch! 😀 good vid imo

  12. ClassicShuffler says:

    wow i tot korean only b-boy or popping/locking now korean into shuffling haa! nice

  13. tracytrann says:

    Lamenting City By Axel Coon ^-^

  14. name of the song please!!

  15. LorDShuffle says:

    try to get a little faster and do some kicks

  16. nice one mate
    keep it up!


  17. I second that ^^

  18. cannonbulk says:


    It’s just half as fast you know how Big M just said if it’s too fast time it so it’s half as fast?

  19. ok but you running man is too slow

  20. xiaosharlene83 says:

    its nice
    btw its HOT a korea guy shuffling
    peaZZZ Out!!!

    ~~~XXxxBS MichikOxxXX~~~

  21. Svumpukkel4eva says:

    To slow? .. But looking good, just practice 😉

  22. ? 싱클레어형인가