Last World Festival 2011 - Official Aftermovie

Aftermovie Last World Festival 2011 - The Rising Date: 2nd of july 2011 Promotor: Par-T Events (Belgium) Location: Festivalarea, Kristalpark Lommel / Tracks: 1. The Pitcher - The Rising (Last World Anthem 2011) 2. Forenzik - GangBang 3. Tha Playah - On The Edge 4. The Pitcher - The Rising (Last World Anthem 2011) Please support the music, buy it at,, and Video production by Kemmer Media Group http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

tracks: Organ Donors - Toonskolitis Organ Donors - Traffic Jam both tracks are available as a free download on direct links: shufflers: Sanity - Sensei - Genesis -

50 Responses to “Last World Festival 2011 – Official Aftermovie”

  1. Wilkovdm says:

    Fking vet festival, volgend jaar zeker weer, had alleen niet door dat er zoveel lekkere wijven rondliepen :p
    (behalve die bij de coca cola truck)

  2. ptitbaronnet says:

    1. The Pitcher – The Rising (Last World Anthem 2011)
    2. Forenzik – GangBang
    3. Tha Playah – On The Edge
    4. The Pitcher – The Rising (Last World Anthem 2011

    ( for people can’t read the description )

  3. job8375 says:

    music on 2:10 is insane

  4. JRgebruiker says:

    what is the name of the last song? from 3:19

  5. Baasjee15 says:

    welk nummer is dat die bij 2:10

  6. scherpstraat says:

    zoals ze zeggen when girls go hardstyle the boobs go jumpstyle !

  7. Dezin3xHD says:

    song 0.03 – 0.13 ?

  8. snoopy3000ful says:

    awesome this day never forget this day !!

  9. snoopy3000ful says:

    was facking vet vergeet dit nooit meer !!
    awesome this day never forget this day !!

  10. TheJerome922 says:

    Read the fucking discription.

  11. tloveskpure says:

    kon er dit jaar helaas niet bij zijn omdat ik in mallorca was, vorig jaar was een topfeestje in ieder geval. Op naar dominator, qontinent en Q-BASE!

  12. DPD1JASPER1DPD says:

    thumps up if you retern a few times to 3:44 ; )

  13. DPD1JASPER1DPD says:

    vond die van vorig jaar toch wel wat beter
    wel naais dat ze wat meerdere muziek stijlen erin hebben

  14. Forenzik - GangBang

  15. criminallyinsane00 says:

    ik mis het deel waar Paul elstak draaide stond meer volk in de tent dan op mainstage :d

  16. criminallyinsane00 says:

    goeie tijden, goeie tijden ><

  17. Giovanike1 says:

    names of songs?

  18. TheBeunVlogs says:

    geen mooie after

  19. Giovanike1 says:

    2:38 sis (L)

  20. PioTq3KMedia says:

    Pontuz at 1:31

  21. flipskii90 says:

    was echt vetttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anagenetic says:

    Really awesome this day!! Never forget it anymore!!

  23. stepxunit says:

    Ik mis Sitdown / Bierhouders de lucht in en nog zoveel.. jammer, leuk filmpje verder ! : )

  24. totofviking says:

    c’est d’la bombe!

  25. dwvierhc says:

    HARDCOOOOREEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. DarkieDark9087 says:

    0:30 White headphones…arent plugged in…

  27. ShuffleBeciQSlider says:

    1:11 wow! Very nice style genesis!

  28. Nherwyziant says:

    If you look closely… his headphone jacks are not plugged.  LOL

  29. Nherwyziant says:

    They are Filipinos.  And that is not malaysian shuffle thx

  30. CrutialProductions says:

    0:31 Badass dude in the background with a Bandanna on lol.

  31. JujaiJujai says:

    Malaysian style so awesome!!!!

  32. Spasswadde says:


  33. kazumixd says:

    Melbourne Shuffle, but in Malaysian Style (:

  34. josh333rus says:

    is this melbourne shuffle or malaysian shuffle??

  35. xMaJeSxPlayGame says:

    Tuturial ? please? 😀

  36. awegjlappenaeofgihn says:

    Perfect syncro part

  37. tecnodancer100 says:

    i like the mask os genesis….is a mask or paint fucking awesome

  38. chickendude08 says:

    Those masks…UBE is the best shuffle group ever!

  39. MT1snickers says:

    Epic shuffle is epic!!! soooo good! i love this vid! lik+ fav!

  40. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    Sanity has such a great style & those arm movements.. i might be jealous lol HSL – (Disciple)

  41. Nherwyziant says:

    Bakit wala po si Naszca? Sino po ung naka green ung apat kayong nag shuffle?

  42. kazumixd says:

    @Jericzz316 Okaaaay buuut =p the way of malaysian shuffle… that’s wat I said T.T
    ok.. now u undestand wat I said.. I ..though

  43. Jericzz316 says:

    no, thats filipino shuffle xD

  44. Hophop1228 says:

    The first guy was the best

  45. farlanghn says:

    What shoes does the first shuffler have on?

  46. davidheinrichs16 says:


  47. ShuJuTeck says:

    didnt expect na may shuffler’s sa pinas …. xD….. im a shuffler also …but i also dance the jumpstyle and the tecktonik ^^. HSA Int. forever.. CDO

  48. JamieTomas1998 says:

    I’m not sure who is the first guy, but he is straight up beast

  49. kazumixd says:

    That’s is the true Malaysian Shuffle… i’ll need make a vid nao hahahaha

  50. liamlovestechno says:

    lol yeah i saw that i wasnt quite sure lol.