1. Running Man (Must learn first before anything else!) 2. Sidestep 3. Glide 4. Spin (Add as many twirls as you'd like, just stay on beat.) 5. Kick ( I don't often use these because they make my body feel weird, so please excuse my bad kicks) This idea was somewhat original but the structure came from Darkohardstyler who had a great tutorial. I learned to shuffle by practicing for over 2 hours a day in my garage for at least a week, by that time i was comfortable with the running man, so PRACTICE HARD. Sooner or later, you will add your own twists and flavor to shuffling. SONG : No More Misunderstanding (The Machine Remix) - DJ Thera

24 Responses to “Learn How to Shuffle in 5 Steps”

  1. franklenef33 says:

    @lowkeyperson75 i cind of agry

  2. DjNightmareZz says:

    @lovaticforeverdemi yes and no^^
    If you have already danced, it is easier.
    sry for my bad english =D

  3. @monkeybutt0988 so? everyone is the best on own way

  4. monkeybutt0988 says:

    my friend can shuffle better than you in fact he could beat you in a shuffle battle

  5. MaddMax247 says:

    Nice socks

  6. shuffleman45 says:

    thnx for video ive learned shuffle here. thnx bro.

  7. Cool video, i still dont know how to shuffle my cards tho

  8. @lovaticforeverdemi Not when you have learned it. But to learn it can take a couple of days to get the basics into your legs and feet.

  9. lowkeyperson75 says:

    WTF this shit is GAY

  10. youk1ckedmydog543 says:

    Nice socks 😉

  11. ladydeathanji says:

    Thanks for your time and help! This is great!

  12. lovaticforeverdemi says:

    PLZ just answer me this: IS IT HARD TO SHUFFLE ?!

  13. xSCAWYxMONSTERx says:

    Busted my ass and twisted my ankle I’m done!!!!!

  14. generalsweetypuff says:

    Check out my shuffle videos, Maybe you can teach me how to get better? 🙂

  15. no bad

  16. ITzNightTime says:

    @KingsleySHUFFLE did you really forget 5?

  17. killerzwad80 says:

    Fucking sick man!, ive got a school dance in a few weeks and imma be practicing my ass off! a problem i seem to be having is i get off balance all the time! definitely when im trying to move around so it looks more attractive obviously u dont wanna stand in one place the entire time lmao, and also when im doing the running man i mess up all the time and i kinda start bouncing, it looks really wierd but idrk what to do. do u think if i sent you a vid of me doing it u could give me some advice?

  18. stardoll1357 says:

    You guys must be rich you got a swimming pool 🙂

  19. How long does it take to start being able to like move from side to side while doing the running man? I can’t even do it well standing in place 🙁
    Also, I have a video of me doing the running man, I’ve only been practicing for a few days but if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong because I can’t really know for sure, but there is something really wrong..thanks!

  20. CrystalEagle13 says:

    @0xVx0 I have uploaded a video but I’m not sure if it’s helpful .. I’ve tried though

  21. @CrystalEagle13 Alright, please do and thank you so much 🙂 I will practice and hopefully improve!

  22. CrystalEagle13 says:

    @0xVx0 you’re welcome, yes concentrate, and when you lower your leg while doing the running man remember to take it back while lifting your other leg, put goals for everyday and btw I’m thinking about doing a video on this because i see that many like us have trouble with it

  23. emishuevos says:

    well it might not be great but im earning almost 15 dollars everyday at school just doing these 5 easy steps at battles and fuck do they work or what i mean i was 245 pounds when i started shuffling now im 197 pounds and i still rock the fuck out

  24. @CrystalEagle13 Thanks for encouraging me 🙂 Hopefully I can get decent soon 🙂 Any tips or anything?