Awakening! Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at
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50 Responses to “Len hardstyle – Awakening –”

  1. AngelWolfKitten says:

    I love those SPins… so sick XD

  2. NamiMiiki says:

    1:26 lol
    AWESOME ! ! !

  3. amiXXfaithbreaker says:

    living pro 😀

    HOTB//THi//HR AmiXx

  4. TheRhuchenk says:

    Nice shuffle guy


  5. houzo1994 says:

    Oh scheiße. Das is heftig xD

  6. andygies0123 says:

    übertrieben lauch hahahahaahaha mit sein kniestrümpfen hahahahaha ich raste aus hahahahahahahaahahaha bei 2:00 mit socken hahahahahahahahaahahah

  7. raiderlee says:


  8. hersheygarrett says:


  9. kazumixd says:

    trying to copy yoshiro :p
    can’t make better huh?! 3 years ago :p

  10. sumthndifrnt4u says:

    hay len!! wat it do!! your my fucking inspiration for taking up this style of dance bro! keep it up.

  11. niiiiiiice 5*

    music? *-*

  12. ibanezcrow says:

    I shuffle with sk8ing shoes!

  13. WSTxSHuFFLeR says:

    Can someone tell me which type of shoes are the ones that len has at the end of the video. The black shoes with the white line on the back of the shoe please I would really appreciate it. =)

  14. pacecanshuffle says:

    my inspiration for shuffling 😀
    watch my vids (; “pace maker”

  15. KaTanaLeParkour says:

    😀 you say it ! haha 😀

  16. M4RCi92 says:

    aaaaah, now I understand!

    Thought that you meant that they aren’t shuffling at all… Well, yeah, MAS style makes people look the same while shuffling. Same steps, not so much variety. AUS style FTW!!

  17. KaTanaLeParkour says:

    i’m shuffling allready 😀

    everyone here in austria dance like HR ( or MAS Style called )

    that’s why i’m saying it’s sadly to see that no one dance like len or other

  18. M4RCi92 says:

    XD I mean, make them know what shuffling is. Copying sucks, of course :D

  19. KaTanaLeParkour says:

    yey but it’s not easy to copy styles from other..

    and btw. i think anyone should get his own unique style 😉

  20. M4RCi92 says:

    🙂 You should begin. I’ve spread shuffling around in my town. Do it, people who like it will follow you!

  21. KaTanaLeParkour says:

    hey man you are my neighbour 😀

    i’m from austria 😀

    sadly to see that nobody dance like len here in our clubs 🙁

  22. pacecanshuffle says:

    len is my favoriteeee!
    he inspired me like no other
    check my vids d:
    “pace cant park” is
    the results of watching len d:

  23. MrLetmeshuffle says:

    i want to captivate. i want to mesmerize. oh gawd i want to learn to shuffle sooooo bad

  24. leonardotoushirou says:

    ta massa’
    Larry = FHS =

  25. mzrealm says:

    Omg he’s shuffling outside the chemistry building in UNSW, I have like half my classes there 😀

  26. Creem16 says:

    as long as i can shuffle to it

  27. endlich1984 says:

    Who gives a fuck what genre it is? It’s a good song.

  28. blytzace says:

    man who cares if its hard style or trance or whatever… call it whatever u want it doesnt change the song

  29. Sascha123G says:

    Grüß dich Micha alias Merlin………..

  30. budsandblossoms says:

    There is no alternative but to kick ass. =D

  31. JoseP43100 says:

    Ok let’s see, did anyone notice the description says DJ MERLIN NO ALTERNITAVE??? when is alternAtive 😀

  32. PurCitron says:

    sounds like kernkraft

  33. agrubtionxcqwe123r4t says:

    such a good song please check out

  34. Tuytter says:


  35. hazzdude says:

    I’m afraid that there is no other alternative my friends

  36. boysinblack says:

    I like the part when he said “Alternative”.

  37. BlikeNave says:

    No alternatives?

  38. AnthonyMarkReynolds says:

    for all you genre whores whinning your chops off,

    this is not Hardstyle
    this is not Trance

    This is the awesome power of HardTrance

  39. 131313blade says:

    just because its on a trance cd dont make it trance

  40. fuck off

  41. dmfLucid says:

    Trance? No you mean Hard Trance.

  42. cloudyclutch says:

    “You are the most stupidest person I have meet on youtube”
    I have meet? Relax, you insult people over youtube, you are not cool bro.

  43. HExAssault says:

    Dude, You are the most stupidest person I have meet on youtube. -.- Get a life.

  44. cloudyclutch says:

    you took it the wrong way, i meant noway this is hardstyle as in no ITS NOT HARDSTYLE, so chill out with the insults on youtube

  45. HExAssault says:

    Are you dumb? That what I just said. -.-‘

  46. cloudyclutch says:

    noway this is hardstyle

  47. TheH0rst says:

    No Hardstyle but doesnt matter….
    Hardtrance i guess?

  48. camelont688 says:

    for those of you that continue to call this hardstyle… /watch?v=ilZkLWfW8JI
    This watch link is hardstyle. This song is Hard Trance. Totally different. I have been an avid Electronic music only listener for 12 years now. This isn’t opinion. It’s fact. Only new electronic listeners would categorize this as hardstyle since they don’t know the difference.

  49. camelont688 says:

    You’re kind of wrong. This is Hard Trance. So, yes you are right it isn’t hard-style. But this isn’t just trance. This is trance that is progressive and loud. Trance as a genre has many sub-genre’s. For a song that fits into the genre of trance look up Jurgen Vries – The Theme, or DJ Tiesto – Adagio For Strings, or Oceanlab – Satellite. Those are generalized as trance, anything else typically falls into a sub-genre. Check my channel for some great Trance and Hard Trance. TWSYF

  50. lukas3126 says:

    this is fuckin Hard dance tune