Len hardstyle - basement rock

Rockin the basement. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at wedancehard.com
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25 Responses to “Len hardstyle – basement rock”

  1. lilith121212 says:

    man der hat das echt drauf:D Ich trenire jeden Tag bin aber halb nich so gut wie Leni:/

  2. MIKIVVBB says:

    this is shuffle /watch?v=NJ5ns_sCw4Q&feature=g-user-u

  3. GalihMilkyTea says:

    alright brother :D thanks

  4. DasHackii says:

    DJ Isaac – On the Edge

    its not like it is written in the comments already..

  5. GalihMilkyTea says:

    what song ? I want download it

  6. halo384 says:

    what song is this one??? :0

  7. This style is dope bro word up

  8. halo384 says:

    well i’ve tried that and i’ve seen progress. but i still wanna move better 😀

  9. illuminarias says:

    DJ Isaac on the edge :3

  10. halo384 says:

    which i was tht good xD but im only 13 so i can cud buy the DVD and make everyone lick my shoes =D

  11. Grosk335 says:

    @1soundkill u just hat in bc u can’t do thi u fat prick good job man

  12. ItzMaynor says:

    damnn i still remember watching this vid way before shuffling blew up the scene in LA

  13. brunetta774me says:

    go go boy i will download this video ..time to learn this steps…. i like him .good job.

  14. Damon11011 says:

    his hat seems to be bothering him an awful lot..

  15. 1soundkill says:

    eh songs is slow!

  16. munkilicious says:

    Sick Musik.

  17. silentcuber says:

    song title??

  18. dylanscoot88 says:


  19. d3str0y4 says:

    thats a fucking smooth style 😀

  20. brayitonnfilms says:

    yeah it is two step, but! and a very big but. the “one” step is raise leg, then take a big slide and continue. where two steps its raise leg slide to middle, slide back and repeat. theres a difference. look up lens shuffle tutorial he explains it better than myself on there.

  21. brayitonnfilms says:

    not one to say all i know is every dance has a base or foundation, even shuffling. (the “shuffle” action, and the TWO step running man whether its heel-toe or like the one len does) one step isnt part of it but people still do it. oh well..

  22. ElchinMendes says:

    i love how you decided to reply to my comment made a year ago 🙂

  23. brayitonnfilms says:

    King can only shuffle with one leg, Len and Pae can use both. In other words..Pae+Len>King

  24. brayitonnfilms says:

    15 years stupid. Not even allowed to go out, go shuffle in your room or at your friends house kid.

  25. brayitonnfilms says:

    nooo its another element to your dance man, watch his later vids he wears no cap and is still awesome.