Len hardstyle - laboratory rock

Rockin the labs to Busy & The Scientist - Rested. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at wedancehard.com
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25 Responses to “Len hardstyle – laboratory rock”

  1. dayniite8o1 says:

    his shoes are too big! lOl

  2. kbxtc123 says:

    I wonder what is he cooking in the lab….if its sumthn special can i have some!!!

  3. JmurfFTW says:

    I would laugh if someone walked in and was like. “what the fuck are you doing :S…” lol

  4. Redlemon17 says:

    The song name is Busy & The Scientist – Rested, he even tells you that… Lol.

  5. PunchAPeach says:

    Yes it’s true, the artist gets totally shafted when it comes to profits, but that still doesn’t justify theft. If you really are all about indie music, then you would support buying that as well. Stealing from indie artists isn’t any better, unless they post music online for free. Plus, like I said, this artist is more than likely not American.

  6. HarderMindStyle says:

    k sorry i shouldn’t say government but the american people or way. If they do sell cd’s, the margin profitible to the artist is only about 1$ to 2$ if its not independent, and thats a fact. ive been in many recording studios. so tell me if hes making 1$ the rest it is going somewhere else? fuck that, im downloading music. im all about independent music which makes more cuz record companies take everything basically. and dont be like ohh they dont, cuz they do. simple.

  7. PunchAPeach says:

    What are you, FIVE? You completely made up all of that! People have been making money off of music since vinyl records went into mass production! And it has nothing to do with the government, it’s the producers and record companies that had the greatest influence in the music industry. Even today, with an entire movement of internet fueled independent music, musicians still want to make a living. Even if they don’t seek wealth, which is admirable, they still have to survive.

  8. HarderMindStyle says:

    k you dont understand, the american government is that who brought music to a *famous* point of view, video killed the radio star, musicians were some of the poorest people, unless you were beethoven or bache. it is all for money now, music is about life and is everything around us. their is no price to the music around the world. money does not make the world turn. maybe to the mindless drones, but not to me. and fuck your economics. money, is trees dumbfuck.

  9. PunchAPeach says:

    Plus, what does the american government have to to with this? Firstly, this artist probably isn’t even American. Secondly, the amount of tax revenue the government makes from music purchases is barely enough to pay for the expenses from a single aircraft carrier. Learn about economics before you start mindlessly blaming everything on the government.

  10. PunchAPeach says:

    If you think you’re fully entitled to steal an artist’s work, you obviously still live with your parents and/or you’ve never had to make your own living before. And don’t call me a fucknut.

  11. HarderMindStyle says:

    NO because life and this music isn’t about money. It’s plain and simple too fucknut.

  12. PunchAPeach says:

    Yes but the reality of life is that if you spend most of your waking time doing something, it had better be profitable, because life is expensive. People need to be paid for their work, even musicians. If they release something to the masses with the intent of making money from it, and people just download it for free, that’s called theft. Pure and simple.

  13. HarderMindStyle says:

    music is an artform a form of life. real musicians dont give two shits about the money. music is a life on its own, its only the american government to exploit it for money.

  14. Redlemon17 says:

    You’re retarded.

  15. L2bass006 says:

    looks sped up

  16. PunchAPeach says:

    He means buy the music, support the artist. It costs money to make this stuff.

  17. MrChewyboi says:

    i have no fucking idea what your talking about

  18. wKoMoon says:

    how can you kill an underground music scene???? plese stop ..

  19. MrChewyboi says:

    Where can i get that music off the internet download for free???? please help ..

  20. smax1990 says:

    same here…

  21. PunchAPeach says:

    Brilliant! Awesome style, dude!

  22. agalucard says:


  23. FestTilAlle says:

    I dont see shuffle i see….. SPEED UP !!! at 1:42

  24. visualken says:

    If all scientists did this before starting their work, we’d have a cure for cancer.

  25. BLACKSHEEPc10 says:

    i want this song