Lmfao sucks! If you think Melbourne is better than that stupid Party Rock Anthem, thumbs this video up! Melbourne for life! Party Rock Anthem Shuffle (0:10 - 3:29) Melbourne Shuffle (3:34 - 13:02) TRACKLIST 3:35 www.youtube.com 3:59 www.youtube.com


  1. ThePatr7026 says:

    Melbourne shuffle won that´╗┐ instant you put Sacco and Franciz in this video ­čśÇ

  2. shuffler7799 says:

    song´╗┐ name in 4:38 plz reply hardstyle shuffle 4 ever

  3. iDeLyRyoUzZ says:

    FUCK YOU LMFAO!! .l.

  4. Hardstyler9796 says:

    Melbourne´╗┐ but HRS Shuffle is much better!!

  5. V1RG1LR0CKZ says:

    its phat pants not fucking tight ass´╗┐ skinny jeans

  6. Magdaleenkaxx says:

    buahuahua!. melbshuffle is the best!,´╗┐

  7. 3:30 skip´╗┐ the bullshit

  8. ParleLeVu says:

    Unfair video tbh. The LMFAO shufflers are complete newbs + noobs. There are other styles of shuffling that I personally prefer above Melbourne Shuffling. Electro-shuffle,´╗┐ smooth shuffle, hybrid. Just going back and forth in phatpants gets old after a while.
    What you just showed was complete random noobs vs the best Melbourne shufflers in the world, of course MS is going to win.
    Although I agree that LMFAO have no idea how to shuffle.

  9. cyboargninja says:

    i’m sick of people calling that shit shuffling.´╗┐ there’s one type of shuffling. and it’s hard

  10. subwaybestfood says:

    0:00 – 3:48, LMFAO (laughing my´╗┐ fucking ass off) shufflers, not intressted 3:48 hsk/mikkiz 4:18 hsk/mikkiz 4:39 hsa/instinct 4:51 hsa/instinct + hsa/sacco 5:10 hsa/rocky 7:10 hsa/sacco 8:11 andreey 8:43 (tms)daniel (i don’t think hsk) 9:14 mac G. 9:42 hsk/danielz 10:08, i don’t know 10:37 tms/hsk/maikool 11:11 hsj/reece 11:30 idk 11:57 hsr/moonboy 12:36 tms francis, thumbs up so everybody can see who doesn’t know the names

  11. noecortexX5 says:

    01:53 why is that guy trying to look like the Dj from Mars? O.o
    FAIL xD
    oh Btw Hardstyle shuffle´╗┐ for life ­čśÇ

  12. TheNoobkiller56 says:

    ok. at least put some good LMFAO shuffle videos. oh wait thats right, THERE ARE´╗┐ NONE!!!!!

  13. LuckyKim133 says:

    Tbh I started out with LMFAO, BUT i found Melbourne´╗┐ shuffling and fell in love with Mikki (HSK) So now i shuffle the Melbourne way

  14. 3600Phoenix says:

    @WHDReflex no LMFAO took shuffle n made there own wannabe style. hell they failed the running man n the T in there´╗┐ own music video, they cant n they wont ever be any good shufflers. they should stick 2 something ells then fuck up the hardstylers n hard dancers style. end of stuff they saw it once though it looked cool they took it´╗┐ fucked it up n made it mainstream. really fucking gg.´╗┐ I mean even made up there own moves “solider, the playing kid. walking shuffle” i mean wtf? they suck the end

  15. WHDReflex says:

    @LordDarkcut I am sorry for the bad language,´╗┐ I get a bit aggressive when commenting sometimes…

  16. WHDReflex says:

    @LordDarkcut What the fuck are you talking about dipshit? I hate LMFAO, read my comment again and who´╗┐ I replied too… I said the LMFAO shufflers look like they’re SUFFERING NOT SHUFFLING.

  17. LordDarkcut says:

    Its even funnier cause those kids´╗┐ are fat and hippyies…

  18. LordDarkcut says:

    @WHDReflex You sir, Are unintelligent.
    Fuck LMFAO.

  19. HyPAStYLe says:

    lmfao suck camel´╗┐ dicks

  20. pikkermand420 says:


  21. HardstepTijuana says:


  22. Tectricity says:

    That’s right I´╗┐ LMFAO watching them

  23. of course^^ at the end there is th best shuffler :D´╗┐ gg francis