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24 Responses to “Mac G. – “Skrillex and Second Chances””

  1. AHAsoFUNNY says:

    Whoa :0

  2. Rokozekum says:

    You should do your best in the vids like you did in mac g returns

  3. zana159 says:

    dude really you should do a tutorial 😀 ur great!

  4. mrfluffy721 says:

    love dis shuffling

  5. TheLuisdelfinado says:

    Those spins are fucking demonic. @_@

  6. Narut0189 says:

    Can you please make a tutorial to perfect your spins :), I have been trying to make them for about 2 months now and i still cant get it >:( lol

  7. That is some weird clothes to be wearing in a gym.

  8. CasualShuffler says:

    Agreed. I love his style. Just looks so… casual ;p

    Should check out Electro Shuffle Hawaii 2. Justice is pretty smooth. Just a recommendation if you like smooth style.

  9. pabloscary2 says:

    mac G eres uno de los shufflers que mas limpio bailan enhorabuena desde españa!

  10. agentevirus says:

    The best Softstyle ever seen!!!

  11. MrYudiBr says:

    thank you very much man *-*

  12. holymutha1234 says:

    Yo, Mac G. Got any other songs like this one? it’s the perfect type for my non aggressive style of shuffling.

  13. holymutha1234 says:

    Skrillex - All I ask of you

  14. MrYudiBr says:

    name of this song plz

  15. minato97xD says:

    Damn, how is this ***** good song called ? o:

    Btw., epic shuffle-vid 😛

  16. SouthWestShuffler says:

    Never get sick of this ,, been watchin it since the day it was uploaded !!

  17. jiggityjeffhardyfan says:

    DAM this dudes shufflin like its his FUCKING JOB!!.. Atta Boy!

  18. DaiShuffler says:

    No point in categorizing styles. Just dance 🙂

  19. trikstaable says:

    ive shuffled to this song

  20. TheMinecraftPlayer2 says:

    Anyone know what Style he does?

  21. HouseMusicMadeMeDoIt says:

    Now thats some real good shufflin props to you nice vid.

  22. All i can say , my inspiration . amazing man, never saw better then you .. i can watch this clip and all your others everyday 4-5 times a day still say to my self wow

    I shuffle only 2 months . check out my vid , would like if u left me some feedback 😛

  23. ShuffleZem says:

    Ill make sure of that, not only that, u have ureself a new subscriber!
    I hope to achieve my skill like you, but only as a new shuffler i wont be able to achieve a skill like ures at the age of 14, once again Thank you

  24. JannisZapros says: