malaysian shuffle mix #2 dj darkstar

not my best but and tracklist below 1Big Jet Plane (Adam G Prog Remix) 2gimme love( adam G & nick melistis remix 3TFU - You Never Said 4Mike Candys & Jack Holiday - One More Time (Original Mix 5We Run The Nite(original mix) facebook page i do not take credit for making the songs all i did was mix them
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12 Responses to “malaysian shuffle mix #2 dj darkstar”

  1. Alexis1837 says:

    whats the first song called

  2. ThePolancomaico says:

    thumbs up if you have another tab that is facebook!!!!!!

  3. angel32080 says:

    @reconsoundproduction thanks much appreciation 🙂

  4. reconsoundproduction says:

    @angel32080 its calledd We Run The Nite(original mix) look it up on youtube and download it through youtube mp3

  5. angel32080 says:

    where can i get the last song?

  6. reconsoundproduction says:

    @TheSokkaboy24 thanks man 😀

  7. reconsoundproduction says:

    @vansNnikesRthebest there is a link to my soundcloud in the description and you can download it there

  8. vansNnikesRthebest says:

    Were can i go to download this song??

  9. reconsoundproduction says:

    @vansNnikesRthebest thx and will do

  10. vansNnikesRthebest says:

    Haha damn bro gooj dob:) check out my crew. xxRetroBoyzENTxx

  11. reconsoundproduction says:

    @jeou22 thanks man!

  12. Sickkkk xD ima shuffle to this all day!!good job!!:D