tracklist and download link below.. what up guys heres my new malaysian mix i was going to wait till friday to upload this but i havent been uploading that much mixes lately so wtf ahah so anyways i hope you guys enjoy it and make sure you guys like my facebook page PEACE -darkstar facebook tracklist: 1 god of war-djkreation original mix 2 viowin - decon original mix 3 bds famiily 4 perfect two decon remix 5 haters dj ob3y 6 holy shhh- decon 7noz heads prt 2 dj aero 8perfect two distorter remix 9rescue you dj aero 10epic kreation mash up sleep is for the weak shrederr &distorter thriller-dj gohan i do not own or take credit for any of the songs used in this mix dj darkstar hadugen malaysian shuffle hardstyle music dubstep dnb jumpstyle hardjump bass drum melbourne jungle dance remix rouge electro "drum bass" "dance club" "techno music" techno "electronic music" "high quality" song trance "dance music" singing dancing "Drum And Bass" Dub "Drum Bass" Jump Step Style Records "Live Music" Mix Beat Rave Liquid Baton D&b Breaks Beats "Song Dance" Underground "Dun & Bradstreet" Dark
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. reconsoundproduction says:

    @harvey88900 why thank you sir :DDDDD

  2. harvey88900 says:

    fuck this shit is bad azzz

  3. damn this shit goes hard

  4. luisperezluis13 says:

    Bad azz

  5. KhydFamee says:

    Lovee Itt 😉

  6. jose102494 says:

    Sick man 🙂

  7. reconsoundproduction says:

    @TheDJEvoKe alright forsho

  8. TheDJEvoKe says:

    Sick Mix Bro.
    Check out one of mine?

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