DJ Delo Brings You A Malaysian Mix:D Download Mix: TrackList: 1.Tonic Audiobot - Happy Feet 2.Fur Elise (Mike TV Remix) 3.Just Can't Get Enough (Shameless PhatWhore's Remix) 4.Playskool (Slice N Dice Remix) 5.Xzibit- Concentrate (Adam G Remix) lated 6.YA GUEY (Original Mix) THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT:DD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Malaysian Shuffle Mix-[Dj Delo)xD”

  1. LittleDevilsbabby says:

    Wat is the fouth song called

  2. shanaygurl150 says:

    nice mix

  3. shanaygurl150 says:


  4. obeykidchino says:

    Ohh Yeahh This Songs is On my Ipod baby baby lol

  5. KPSNIKER762 says:

    the second song is fur elise mike t.v. remix

    like if u find it

  6. Xero291 says:

    @Ramo22222 it is 5.Xzibit- Concentrate (Adam G Remix) lated

  7. Ramo22222 says:

    What is the song called on 5:02

  8. Ramo22222 says:

    What’s the song called on 5:02

  9. XXpapercutXX1 says:

    Well done

  10. Sikkoize says:


  11. famouskidsproject says:

    ima shuffle to this(:

  12. victorrozaz says:

    fukin awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TheDJEvoKe says:

    Pretty Sweet Mix Check Some Of Mine Out?

  14. jokingjoe69 says:

    Man ur the best keep it up much respect

  15. kingage01 says:

    playlist plz

  16. 634vera says:


  17. NewBeatboxer says:


  18. TheFlashDoriftar says:

    oh very awesome..xD