my verison of cup day meetup rate and comment please

25 Responses to “[Melbourne] Cup Day Shuffle Meetup”

  1. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my channel! 🙂

  2. steamingturd12 says:

    5:11 back to the kitchen

  3. TAHT 2 GIRLS is awsome

  4. PVshuffle says:

    sabe dança nada ¬¬curto o verdadeiro shuffle

  5. Pyrokid181 says:

    @fredisura1 kool

  6. fredisura1 says:

    @Pyrokid181 Move your Feet – DjWave 😀

  7. 0:00 – 1:06 - Headhunterz VS Abject – Ed Of My Existence

    1:07 – 1:40 – Showtek – Early Soundz

    1:41 – 2:05 – DJ Coone – Words From The Gang

    2:06 – 3:27 – The Prophet – OG Pimp

    3:28 – 3:53 – 2 Playaz – Tune

    3:54 – 4:29 – Hardstyle Masterz – Beat Diz

    4:32 – 4:58 – Karpe-DM – 8th Wonder Of The World

    4:59 – 5:51 – Zatox & Activator – I Am What I Play

    copied off ISMxPhaiiZe

  8. Pyrokid181 says:

    Yea wats the song at 3:42?

  9. triggerhappyrentacop says:

    Melbourne cup is more disgusting than schoolies. Drunk men and women everywhere in nice dresses vomiting and spewing their guts out, reaching new pinnacles of obnoxiousness. Whenever some adults complain about schoolies (I hate schoolies too) refer them to their precious cup for a more mature example of degenerates.

  10. Pyrokid181 says:

    Wats the song at 3:44??

  11. tracklist?

  12. lakennichol says:

    @RachelLovesScreamo Some of the moves take some time getting use to, but its pretty easy. I say try everything once. 😀 I think you should try it out. Have fun with it. Who cares if you “suck” at it. Its all about having fun! Remember you only live once, so make the most out of it!

  13. RachelLovesScreamo says:

    @lakennichol Oh no i just thought it was just a weird but AWESOME looking dance thats all xD im glad you didnt think i was insulting it or anything and yeah it looks cool ^_^ i couldn’t ever do it tho im not even gonna bother trying! xD

  14. lakennichol says:

    @RachelLovesScreamo Its a crazy looking dance, but I enjoy watching it so much that I have actually watched some tutorials and am attempting to learn it! I started out laughing at the movements because it just looked weird, but after watching so many hours of shuffling I got hooked. It grows on ya. 😀

  15. RachelLovesScreamo says:

    I wonder how this style of dance came about.. one day someone must of saw someone having a seizure and thought OMG I CAN MAKE THAT INTO A STYLE OF DANCE!

  16. the shuffler at 2:42 is very Awesome!!

  17. MrBrendannnnn says:

    @NERFIS4MODING Og pimp - The Prophet

  18. jennitaww says:

    song list pleaseee!!!!

  19. TheDarkestHearts says:

    Music list please?

  20. laughedupmuch says:

    DAM 1:30 kid rocking it! lol

  21. fredisura1 says:

    Song List pls!! :D

  22. BlackTearUS says:

    Deff would love a song list.

  23. dikkeslet says:


    Dj Coone – Words of the gang


    whats the song at 1:42? please ppl! 

  25. @American4141 i thought she either pee’d pooped or got alil blood on the dance floor lol xD