new vid 🙂 pls rate, cmt and maybe sub? greetz PHD Phil

23 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle 2011 – PHD Phil ft. Kidd Kaos”

  1. POKERFACE888 says:


    just open ur eyes u damn stupid cock sucker 😉 & u will find out that’s no one step 😉

  2. 1000cereceres says:

    hey pussy you suck at shuffling, fucking one stepper.

  3. DejaayRDX says:

    very very nice :) i Like that

  4. POKERFACE888 says:

    @ultravip but he ment it positive 😉 … that the style is great 😉 just read his cmts, but I don’t know how do u mean it ;)…?

  5. @POKERFACE888 it mean = what the hell is that? I’m from brazil and i can understand why he says too.

  6. dydi66shadox says:


  7. liyahluver92 says:

    i wanna shuffle now

  8. RabiosoDABJC says:

    waaah hakkuh elements, interesting technique

  9. im not gonna lie, that 1step is niiiiiiice
    or thats a SMOOTH ASS 2 step

  10. shufflealpha says:

    nice evolution nice

  11. POKERFACE888 says:


    thx bro 🙂

  12. ChristianMusic99 says:

    @POKERFACE888 Your video is good, Malaysian style!!

  13. TheRhuchenk says:

    Nice song bro
    i liked shuffle 😀

  14. POKERFACE888 says:


    but what does it mean? 😀

  15. ChristianMusic99 says:


    Portuguese my friend

  16. POKERFACE888 says:


    sry don’t understand? .. english=?

  17. ChristianMusic99 says:


  18. hanifsweetheart says:

    i love the music <3 nice dance LIKE it!

  19. POKERFACE888 says:


    Just Write in google “phd-hoodie” and you will find them 😉
    And thx 😉 Gould ya maybe rate it too?


  20. hey man where did you get that hoodie? im trying to get one for myself but I cant find the place to buy it.
    great vid btw 🙂

  21. alehkszahnen says:

    @POKERFACE888 yeah i already had rated it haha! 🙂

  22. POKERFACE888 says:


    Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos – Kiddstock Theme 2009 (Original)

    could ya pls rate?

  23. alehkszahnen says:

    song name 🙂 ?