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The Beginning of Summer with Zatox

A few moments of Emporium, Intents, Defqon 1 & Summerfestival. Tracks: - ZATOX & THE R3BELS - ODISEEA 2011 - ZATOX - UNBORN
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle 2012”

  1. NERDLyCAN says:

    Hahaha lolz Olcay
    “this this is the guy right here this is the boss right here”

  2. LucieFLORIOT52 says:

    @2:34 HARDSTYLE ♥

  3. OkkieThe says:

    Technical or taste?

  4. both are good, who cares who’s better

  5. ILiveForTheWeekendz says:

    True ;)

  6. seemsee112 says:

    better than headhunterz

  7. aLdin2006 says:

    02:30, one word, EPIC

  8. How come i never heard of this fucking BEASTFUCKINGMUSIC BEFORE?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? GIVE MOAR

  9. 000jakov says:

    Best DJ and producer in the world of hardstyle! Total respect mate 🙂

  10. gummiankaa says:

    He may not have the perfect English, but damn, this man can transform his feelings and thoughts into music and amazing vibes!

  11. LuqueHARDSTYLE says:

    1:49 ke hace david villa hablando con zatox ? XD

  12. Wow that was year ago :C.. and i remember that vid like it was yesterday..

  13. 16 beliebers clicked on this link and almost got killed by the bass

  14. Friedel88tdf says:

    im not talking about the best taste of “what they love”…but best taste in music….in fashion….etc! 🙂

  15. best taste of everything, lol, they prefer men over women… i don’t have something against gay people, but best taste lol..

  16. Guess you disliked the video then? 🙂

  17. Friedel88tdf says:

    why should it be embarrassing? Gaypeople are the best customers…and they have the best taste of everything…so its a big honor to be the favourite of gays! 😉

  18. it’s a bit embarassing if you are popular by gay people, and they even have your name on their arm, creepy :p

  19. Friedel88tdf says:

    why not?

  20. saurer1 says:

    1:56 , i hope for Zatox that that guy wasn’t gay :p

  21. ThreeDriv3rs says:

    There’s only two kind of music styles – Hardstyle or Bieberstyle. So I prefer Hardstyle.

  22. oKickHeadsx says:

    Why is it only showing my views?

  23. DJNuudel says:

    Fuck off 16 dislikers, go listen some bieber’s music bitches.

  24. 0rssweet0 says:

    Dutch hardstyle FTW !! dubstep fucking fail

  25. ohhh <3