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23 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2011 Songlist Released”

  1. TheFerrarifan458 says:

    Damn, I wish this vid had more views! 😀

  2. cololopez1 says:

    nikki Yeahhhhh Sexyyyy

  3. @thenoob22 i see what u mean, sorry. hmm its alright but the styles that use mostly that i dont really like, but honestly do what style u want to do, whatever naturally comes to you, is YOUR style, its like your given it, i found every time i went off to another style that wasnt my origional i always ended up worse at shuffling in general but just do what style you want to do man it will come to you and one day you’ll be pro 🙂

  4. THENOOB22 says:

    @marsinnn so you are telling me that how to shuffle is to do the running man… I’m talking about the “t-shape” how you actually move your feet, shuffling… one foot “slides” while the other foot moves up and down… I don’t incorporate a lot of the running man into it, except for the basic shuffling, what I am wondering is if that is bad? I guess it’s hard to explain, I’ll make some videos soon and upload them.

  5. @THENOOB22 the basics are running man buddy -.- 

  6. THENOOB22 says:

    Just looking for an opinion, I notice with all of these shufflers there is a lot more of the “running man” involved, but I shuffle a lot more with the basics but put in a lot of movement, it’s hard to explain without actually seeing it, but I guess what I am asking is: do I need to incorporate more of the “running man” into my shuffling or is it simply just a style choice?

  7. JoshInfuzion says:

    the shuffling was amazing!
    but the edit kind of ruined it… it was just newbluefx and the difference effect used over and over :/

  8. SuperiorDesignsHD says:

    If your here because of LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem.

    Get the fuck out.

  9. @Chizmo1000 look in the description

  10. The song…. Starts off as “You’re my angel”. Who is it!?

  11. NikoCA100 says:

    Don’t like any of these guys…. melbourne shuffling has changed to much over the past years… the old way was better :/

  12. Otaloonso says:

    hope if im the only one that hardstyle shuffle at my country….

  13. ImActuallyMoving says:

    Love it ! Keep em coming 😀
    OT. Use me in ur next comp ffs <3

  14. Chizmo1000 says:

    what is the first song.

  15. GeoForReal says:

    @AMitchCanShuffle Nah you weren’t its all good bro.

  16. GeoForReal says:

    @AMitchCanShuffle Once again, i posted that a month ago, At the time I hadn’t seen bulldog’s full potential.

  17. AMitchCanShuffle says:

    @GeoForReal Soo philosophical..+__+ Blah blah blah, imo bulldog, who is in this video, is way better than Francis.

  18. GeoForReal says:

    @AMitchCanShuffle Good shuffling doesn’t have a timeline.

  19. AMitchCanShuffle says:

    @GeoForReal yet your comment regards to 2007, 4 years ago……. Whats worse?

  20. GeoForReal says:

    @ccshufflers u stretch ur vids?

  21. GeoForReal says:

    @AMitchCanShuffle your the one replying 1 month later lmao

  22. AMitchCanShuffle says:

    @GeoForReal Quit living in the past man.

  23. lol at guy in background 6:27