..::SUBSCRIBE::.. Tracklist Almost Released! Like + Coments + Favorite! Notice: Sorry for the delay was too busy to finish the compilation. I hope you enjoy. Edit: Ruy Crew @ Shufflers @ Channels [HR] Niaa [ youtube.com/nia2008xxxx ] [BN] Nikki [ youtube.com/nikkielmo10 ] [HR] Nightfall [ youtube.com/NightfallCanShuffle ] [BM] Sicky [ youtube.com/Sickyshuffler555 ] [RED] Rokkas [ youtube.com/wSaTwiXaZ ] [RED] Yoshi [ youtube.com/ShuffleYoshi ] [MC] Nutt [ youtube.com/NuTT905 ] [BN] Dami [ youtube.com/DamiARTS ] [TIHP] Eddy [ youtube.com/Eddydoshuffle ] [FUME] Gotti [ youtube.com/PIGLETSTER91 ] [EB] Aurora [ youtube.com/TheAuroraProduction ] [HERO] Max [ youtube.com/MrMaxShuffle ] Tracklist Almost Released 1° Niaa & Niiki [ Ronny K. vs Ziki - From Somewhere (Original Mix) ] 2° Nightfall & Sicky [ Cally and Juice - Music is moving (Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi remix) ] 3° Rokkas & Yoshi [ [ This is a song by: Dark by Desing, dont know songname ] 4° Nutt & Dami [ Audiotek & Kidd Kaos - You Got The Love (Album Edit) ] 5° Eddy & Gotti [ Noizy Boiz vs Log One - Reaper (Josh Lang Remix) ] 6° Aurora & Max [ Mike Steventon vs Side E-fect - Got Power ] Thanks for watching!

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation – Best Of January 2011!”

  1. DrizzleZzAndMatzo says:

    Editing Software ?

  2. Georgedvx says:

    @TheSprayartist LAWL bro they make the first step big the and second step small so it looks like 1 step but it ain’t and maybe you should look a bit more closly next time before calling people shit or saying they look bad 🙂

  3. TheGamerJesus says:

    13 dislikes are from people who cant Do epic shuffling..

  4. RBPresents says:

    Really stoped get up views? o.O

  5. WeLikeShuffle says:

    i made my first ever compilation anyone want to check it out o.o 😛 nice shuffling

  6. krists1000 says:

    @RBPresents He isn’t blind,he’s true! (:

  7. GnarlyTango says:

    @TheSprayartist what to you mean by “how it should look”? the melbourne shuffle is about self expression. about creating your own style that identifies you as a shuffler. there isnt a way it “should look”…

  8. NRLgirl10 says:

    check out my vids!!
    im a beginner shuffler looking for a new crew!!

  9. HighOffTheBeat says:

    anyone know the song by dark by design?

  10. AnimeFreakLouis says:

    Dude your repping the Melbourne Shuffle Scene Awesomely 😀 , Im hoping to be learning how to Melbourne shuffle in the new year 😀

  11. M4K31tP0PSHUFFL1NG says:

    Can you tell meh if im good? watch?v=pyQGrCfN0lU

  12. RBPresents says:

    4 days without up views? bugged?

  13. xXxMARWINxXx says:

    9:30 EPIC FAILL

  14. I swear that ending song is from the anime Fairy Tail ? O.o

  15. Freaking amazing shuffling and the tracks , Dayum there awesome too 😀

  16. crazitomali says:

    ending song was naruto, u didnt put that in descrpiton

  17. Terrible…

  18. TheYonathan12 says:

    LMFAO suck youre shuffle!, cuse this is way better then youre s!!

  19. curti muito mais olha os videos dos caras da EHA AI

  20. GammerCrush says:

    I want to be in the next one!

  21. SoSxProphet says:

    This is the best? I found more talent in the can this morning after my constipation went away…

  22. dat Yoshi rocked dat shit!

  23. @RBPresents then i’ll be waiting 😉 thanks

  24. @TheSprayartist Rokkas isn’t doing it like the other examples you referred to.

  25. @RBPresents lol