Probably might be my last comp for now depending on the amount of schoolwork and SAT shit that comes at me. This wont be all that great. I rushed to make this and it's obvious in some parts of the comp (I nearly stayed up until midnight). I'm not making a Best of Feb. comp, that's for sure. I have to chill ­čśŤ Shuffler List (in order): Knazzo Sam Xero Yan Light Slim Instinct Marchhair Haang Pooka rocky Jenne Danny Dimsim Swifty Sacco Rownzzz Jordii Cecil Shadowzz Brandon Markinz Black rickershayy Track List: Steve Hill vs. Technikal - Sawtooth Dentist Evbointh - One Wish [Daniel Kandi & Mark Andrez Remix] Ruff Driverz & Arrola - Dreaming (Alex Kidd s Sunset Mix) Neon Lights- I Can't Help Myself (Frisky Vs. MDA vs. Spherical Rmx) PHATT - Damage Control (SHOKK Mix) Organ Donors & Kidd Kaos - Silence (Original) Masif DJ's - Silence (Technikal Remix)

Two shufflers from the country of Malaysia having fun in a park back in 2006.

50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Best of January and Late December”

  1. TheMoovetrick says:

    Yo. the shuffler @ 4:39 is amazing. hellla´╗┐ slick style.

  2. Pastaliebhaber says:

    Great´╗┐ Compilation!

  3. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @nosbp2 Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil´╗┐ Wayne & Eminem – Forever

    sorry ­čśŤ

  4. ending song name?? haha he didn’t list it´╗┐

  5. ihumppies says:

    I really like this Compilation´╗┐ ­čÖé VERY AWESOME!!!!

  6. Darkphire25 says:

    i would like to´╗┐ be in one ­čśÇ

  7. XxLILMAN02xX says:

    Moar… :S lol love´╗┐ it.

  8. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @AtraxTrh MAS (malaysia) melbourne shuffle is essentially still the melbourne shuffle, but with more unique variety added to it (kicks and spins, etc.).
    nowadays,´╗┐ you see everyone shuffling with the same moves over and over, like they learned how from a robot.

  9. @StanCanShuffle345´╗┐ what is MAS melbourne shuffle?

  10. 09Insanity09 says:

    this is like´╗┐ the best shuffle compilation ive ever seen ­čśÇ

  11. sooo good comps ┬┤:D´╗┐

  12. DimsimProductionzz says:

    omg man i LOVE your comps´╗┐ man
    they the number 1

  13. Rockylols says:

    @gwazdediors Today’s´╗┐ your lucky day.

  14. NIce nice which´╗┐ one is rocky wat min?

  15. gwazdediors says:

    that Guy “Rocky” is amazing. Love his´╗┐ style ( guy at 4:40 ) Maybe somenone know where to find original video ­čÖé He reminds me Matt in 2006 :).

  16. JayTeeAZN says:

    nice comp!
    and thanks´╗┐ for putting me it it ^^

  17. Ch4osSh4dow says:

    @xpziim´╗┐ thats dimsim the dude after me lol XD


  18. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @Sterosukkerz´╗┐ lol

  19. who’s at´╗┐ 6:20??

  20. Sterosukkerz says:

    “there´╗┐ is still MOAR” ??? xD

  21. Shishafreund says:


    Yes´╗┐ , Sir! ­čśŤ I won┬┤t do

    Yep , I know what you mean =/

  22. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    yeah…i get what you’re saying…
    go ahead and do what you want, but please, don’t overextend the shuffle to a point where everyone tries to copy you.

    that’s like´╗┐ what happened with the MAS melbourne shuffle, if you know what i mean.

  23. Shishafreund says:

    mh sry..
    I should have added that , when people ( girls ) watch me shuffling they really like it! That gives me an extra kick for dancing better ­čśŤ I┬┤m shuffling for myself , not for others.. but I like it when others talking to me , because my´╗┐ shuffle !
    In Germany Melbourne Shuffle is not that well – known.. Many people have heard of it , but never had seen it ­čśë so I am the first guy they see shuffling ­čśë
    What about my english? ­čśÇ

  24. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    but on your 4th point, it seems like you’re making more of an impression than an´╗┐ expression by wearing phats at a club just to shuffle, if you catch my drift.

  25. Shishafreund says:

    1. I liked the action in his shuffle.. maybe he wasn┬┤t that good´╗┐ , okay. But he really felt the music and had his own style!
    2. I think buying phats after 3 weeks of shuffling is noob and TB
    3. Buying phats because others do have, also..
    4. But buying phats because they look such nice is ok ­čÖé I like most of the phats because they give you a “Dark Hardstyler” look ­čśÇ and they┬┤re glowing in disco.. so people are more looking at your shuffle then without ! Sry for my bad english

  26. thetaxiucla says:

    Definite like from me. Love how the arm movements add so´╗┐ much fluidity.

  27. kebablarz says:

    @pablosii1 sorry to have to say this but´╗┐ you sir are an idiot.

  28. pablosii1 says:

    that is´╗┐ 1 gay ass song

  29. PiEcEProductions says:

    Like how Shuffle started in Malaysia´╗┐ =D

  30. krelledrengen89 says:

    @sk8erj141 Axel Coon´╗┐ – Lamenting City

  31. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where I teach some lil kids to´╗┐ shuffle, its´╗┐ funny shit.

  32. Epic Background, Epic Songs, Epic´╗┐ Shuffle >>> Epic Video

  33. sicsempertyrannis7 says:

    ÔÖ¬ÔÖ¬´╗┐ ─▒l─▒ll╠▓╠ů╠ůÔŚĆ╠▓╠ů╠ů╠▓╠ů╠ů=╠▓╠ů╠ů╠▓╠ů╠ůÔŚĆ╠▓╠ů╠ůll─▒l─▒ One day I would love to come dance with ya Aussies! Heard you guys know how to have a lot of fun! Woohoo! ­čÖé Props to both of these guys for having a great time dancing, cause that’s what it’s all about! ­čÖé
    Anyways I posted myself liquid dancing on my channel… Would love to hear feedback and make friends! Much love all! ─▒l─▒ll╠▓╠ů╠ůÔŚĆ╠▓╠ů╠ů╠▓╠ů╠ů=╠▓╠ů╠ů╠▓╠ů╠ůÔŚĆ╠▓╠ů╠ůll─▒l─▒ ÔÖ¬ÔÖ¬

  34. iLUV2FORGE says:

    2nd kid doesnt know what the running man is.´╗┐

  35. MegaRaver21 says:

    i realized alot of´╗┐ malaysians dont have any slide affect or glide.

  36. sk8erj141 says:

    What was the´╗┐ last song plz??
    Does anyone no????

  37. RustleXer says:

    ……that’s´╗┐ not shuffling.

  38. malaysia steal it? bullcrap
    i remember pae & sarah promoting this ‘new’ dance in world cyber games at kuala lumpur
    don’t advertise it if´╗┐ you want to keep it to yourself

  39. carelessthe1andonlyy says:

    checckkk my vids out´╗┐ plz (;

  40. dude..
    we shufflin juz for fun bro..
    not for the comp or anything else..
    are we gulity juz´╗┐ shufflin for fun..

  41. whats the first song´╗┐ called?

  42. MrChiHuaHua33 says:

    hey…u really´╗┐ nid train !

  43. peixeboi555 says:

    music´╗┐ !!

  44. SYAZIERAZMIL says:

    wat r´╗┐ u trying 2 do, huh???? zapin ya????

  45. CantTOuchThls says:

    y must the hands move? and ur weak ´╗┐ when u try to liquid and the moon walk…weak too

  46. XxXRoffeXxX says:

    Awsome ;)´╗┐

  47. ChrisizANub says:

    this is cool!
    maybe you can check my´╗┐ shuffle out and criticize?

  48. rafael420100 says:


  49. peterthen12 says:

    practise more..´╗┐

  50. RoxxaneDuck007 says:

    lol i know the tall guy….my´╗┐ street cred has just increased …….or decreased =.=