Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Girls Can Shuffle 3 [HD] TRACKLIST RELEASED !!

Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Girls Can Shuffle 3 Hope u enjoy this vid :)... TRACKLIST: K-Traxx - Hardventure (Tatanka remix) vandall - can't explain (alphazone remix) Fergie feat. Will.I.Am vs. The Prodigy - Smack My Fergie Up Ado & Montorsi - Give me all your money (Zatox Remix) project one - rate reducer (headhunterz remix)

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Girls Can Shuffle 3 [HD] TRACKLIST RELEASED !!”

  1. zero117121 says:


  2. zero117121 says:

    these girls can definitely shuffle, but the second one is malaysian not melbourne =

  3. TR33T0P03 says:

    @THAYCLOWN96 hurrrdurrr

  4. dadusika05 says:

    @Dr3v0 What are you talking about? Most of them don’t even have tits..

  5. MrRageFire says:

    2:16 tits doing jumpstyle!

  6. HardStyleIsMyStylee says:

    i wish it was 2007 the best year of shuffle…-.-“

  7. HardStyleIsMyStylee says:

    @THAYCLOWN96 tiny.z…tht is all. =D

  8. HardStyleIsMyStylee says:

    @Dr3v0 old man…

  9. YooBonquiqui says:

    dammme i likkke thee onee withh pinkkk hoow shee madee heer tits jummpp upp 😮

  10. GameAndReviews says:

    pls pls pls give me the 2nd 1’s #

  11. nukawolfkopa5 says:


  12. yah girls casn shuffle but there not as good they just dont have that explosive attitude in their footwork and body

  13. leith296841 says:

    but girls do it preety well

  14. leith296841 says:

    no offense but guys can do it better and this aint shuffle music

  15. kcarloskxx14 says:

    2:16 the best

  16. isaacrox21 says:

    @THAYCLOWN96 Lol, u can either do the shuffle or u just don’t know how. 🙂

  17. @zax2222
    I’m sorry for trying to make you laugh whilst watching a fantastic video.. however if i offended you – i am sorry .. “/

  18. @Dr3v0 That was so funny that i forgot to laugh, wasn’t funny the 1st time, aaaaand still isn’t funny.

  19. @teenvomit
    No i didnt -.-

  20. redwolf1015 says:

    @Dr3v0 i see what you did there

  21. ‘they’re shuffling but their tits are doing jumpstyle’ isn’t even funny anymore you just stole the joke from someone else

  22. HellOwnerz says:

    The first girl is so kawaii :3

  23. DaPeople312 says:

    @THAYCLOWN96 ur right but sum can shuffle while others cant very wel

  24. DeddBeetSheep34 says:

    the last one is umm…..good…. :O

  25. 1:49 nice shuffler *—-*