Enjoy 🙂 tatanka- borderline frontliner- spacer technoboy- into deep (dj slideout remix) alphazone- immortal (alphazone vocal mix) JFK- whiplash sash- encore une fois have fun 🙂

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation : Girls can Shuffle TRACKLIST RELEASED !!”

  1. Does anyone know who the girl at 1:43 is?

  2. iiiTHECHADiii says:

    Anyone else notice the dude rocking out in the wheel chair at 0:36?

  3. I hate shuffling emos..

  4. plendooerick says:

    @Feryanti helll yeh she’s like the F****N queen 

  5. tranceloop says:

    i dont believe anything in this world can tops a girl shuffling

  6. PunchAPeach says:

    @KianaKuhnt You obviously don’t know what shuffling is, then.

  7. KianaKuhnt says:

    THEY ALL FUCKING SUCK, slowest cunts. its not even shuffling

  8. PunchAPeach says:

    Ok for everyone who’s been asking, the girl at 0:50 is Anai. Her Youtube name is ShortyFoxxx. Go watch her vids, she’s amazing!

  9. PunchAPeach says:

    @lowsten That’s Anai! Look up the video “Anai’s Doorway Shuffle” Seven minutes of this girl ripping it up! ;D

  10. andreasyoman says:

    Girls usally do 2 hard dances at one time, the girl do the shuffeling, then the tits do the jumpstyle :p

  11. the girl at 0:49 is the best shuffler I ever seen in my life!

  12. ShuffleKitties says:

    This video is great! 🙂
    Please check out my videos.. We’re pretty good expecially the “Halloween Edition” and “Just Natalie Shuffling” videos and feel free to put us in any of your future videos 🙂 hha

  13. huijser10MT says:

    lekkere vieze jongetjes trekken hier op :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  14. Bohnenfantruck says:


  15. InSaNeJoRdAn says:

    Girls do shuffle = Tits do jumpstyle :L lol

  16. sbchedder says:

    @ 1:55 what the fuck is the guy doing in the back round lmaoooooooooo he failssss

  17. GurrenLagannClips says:

    gotta love the man in wheelchair at the 40 second mark

  18. @jimjonjimjonjon her arm movements make her stand out

  19. jimjonjimjonjon says:

    i think im in love with the girl in the green top 😀 ~1:00 <4

  20. MONST3RANG3L says:

    dam the chick to da right at 2:02 is f ing tall

  21. JeimiiJEZEBEL says:

    Before I found this vid, I went through several and thought, “Are there no girls who can shuffle? Maybe I should just forget about learning cuz they’re all embarrassing.”
    And then I found this!
    And all if these girls are AMAZING.
    Now I feel like practicing again(:

  22. SLappHaPPyNAppy says:

    yes at 2:13!!!

  23. jameskim009 says:

    lol these chicks suck so fucking much

  24. TheMimegone says:

    epic win for Wheelchair Dancer!!! XD 0:31

  25. lolaroflmao says: