Subscribe to my main channel here: Shufflers in order of appearance: - Speedov - Storm - Nathan - Midgo - Moonboy - MeMo - (I don't know his name) - Nathan Tracklist: 1. The Beholder meets Dj Zany - Euphoria! 2. Showtek - Rockin' Steady (100% Deepack Mix) 3. Ed Real & The Coalition - 20000 Hardcore Members (Kidd Kaos Remix) 4. Davide Sonar - Dedication 5. Dark Oscillators - Superstar Dj 6. Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos - Tom's Diner (KloneZ Remix) 7. Villains feat. Whiskey Pete - Victims (True Pseudo Remix)

I was bored so i just made a video with Jerking videos that are raw.. I seen many videos of jerking vs different types of dance.. THey always use the WEAK videos from 8-9 months ago.. Also Jerking should only face jerking, like shuffling should only go agginst shuffling not any other types of dance.. Copyright UMG I don't claim this music to be mines.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation – [Little Kids] (Original)”

  1. kisifurhot316 says:

    o dioz..¡¡¡¡ un nño me gana..¡¡¡¡ jajaja okey nuuu felicidades nnes..¡¡¡

  2. LeshaLuvsYou says:

    Moonboys on crack.

  3. mrimpalaboy says:

    @theamazingtoot Do it !
    It’s the best thing that happened to me 🙂
    You meet so many people, and get excercise while doing it <3
    Check out my vids ?

  4. theamazingtoot says:

    if i learned to do the shuffle i might be in better shape jusss sayin

  5. pikkermand420 says:

    MIDGO !!!!

  6. children are the future…….now…

  7. MrTHEdarkside134 says:



  9. vallenittifyra says:

    Hmm allmoast everyone is asians wonder why… Oh I totally forgot asians can do everything :D

  10. DARKGAY666 says:

    this kids are better then LMFAO army f@ck yeah

  11. moonboy fan <3

  12. pikkermand420 says:


  13. kittyKittyRAWR1 says:

    the two small boys are just…. ADORABLE!!!

  14. prettygurl688 says:

    @jaminggal it’s not in any specific order, read description!

  15. prettygurl688 says:

    these kids go HARD!!!!!

  16. JonSalgado93 says:

    Shufflers are in no specific order.

  17. 1603smtih says:

    @jaminggal idk he is better than all of them he shoudlbe number one

  18. twigsnotdead says:

    omg that little kid in the flannel cant even walk yet and he’s shuffling??? wtf

  19. so cute

  20. jaminggal says:

    how is moonboy 5th….

  21. No Hardstyle…

  22. bangmeister says:

    @DrDrolomehet Shit my bad. I never thought of looking there

  23. DrDrolomehet says:

    @bangmeister Description >_>

  24. bangmeister says:

    what are the names of these songs?

  25. JacobiiSeibel says:

    i say that both are equally challenging i cant choose between two groups of people who have so much passion in what they do

  26. Lol, Melbourne Shuffle owns!

  27. ReemLatife says:

    I can do both… But jerkin all the way!! Jerkin is way better, you can add your own creativity and its way more fun then shufflin… #JerkinCantDie.

  28. SuP3RsHaRt says:

    @ViperPowered2011 i do know how to hardstyle shuffle but i wouldnt wanna know how to jerk cuz it looks really gay and it sounds really gay to if ur friend ask u wut ur doin over the phone or somthing and u say “O yea im just jerkin” it sounds like ur saying ur beating ur meat .l..(-.-)..l. sad to say for me but even jumpstyle is way better then jerk i would rather learn jump

  29. ViperPowered2011 says:

    @SuP3RsHaRt shuffling does own but, cmon dont bull shit us we all know yuo dont nknow how to jerk or shuffle

  30. ViperPowered2011 says:

    i really dont like jerking and i prefer shuffle but imma have to give it to the jerkers… in this vid the shufflers suck ass

  31. SunburntJuniory says:

    wats the thing they do with their hands
    Its fucking cool

  32. DaKingTHB says:

    Next time use Marvel inc

  33. TheGagable says:

    Shuffle for shureee!!!

  34. @DaKingTHB L2becoolbro.

  35. SuP3RsHaRt says:

    if those ppl were sucky at shuffling vs good jerkers then i would hate to c a match with good shufflers and jerkers in it b kuz shuffling owns u got to do so much more the just foot work its alot harder i learnd jerk foot work in 30 mins in 1 day and its so easy it took me 4 months to get hardstyle down but eny ways shuffling owned

  36. DaKingTHB says:

    @NARTLF l2chew me son

  37. MadameDeJaVu says:

    Thanks for the insight into these new dances. I have to say the jerk looks more appealing, my favourite was the guy at 1:00. From 1:45 onwards some of the moves look a little feminine, but I think that’s more to do with the performers, cos the guy at 1:00 did a perfect routine IMO. One question though, is it hard to dance with your pants around your ankles, that must be added pressure surely? Hmm the shuffle… It really is like watching a drunk as fuck dude having a seizure with leg spasms.

  38. rankable1 says:

    although im a jerker my mann abraham koroa can hardstyle wayy better then these fools

  39. lordvenom427 says:

    i jerk and shuffle but i prefer jerking

  40. lordvenom427 says:

    i jerk and shuffle but i prefer jerkinfg

  41. AlliLovesSkittles221 says:

    I wish I could jerk and shuffle

  42. DonSkillzZz says:

    The first Jerker was Boss!!!….
    Jerkin is Beast and what?!?

  43. lordvenom427 says:

    the guy at 1:45 cant pindrop for shit

  44. khonsthegod says:

    Jerkin always

  45. RoibenFoxtrot says:

    for this vid i have to say that jark won,
    they showed good jerkers but not shufflers
    bring in some real shufflers and you have a fairs round

  46. redoowsworld says:

    jerking makes you look like you have crabs :S shuffle ftw

  47. BelizeanJerk14 says:

    Theyre both different dances with different types of music so you cant compare them if theyre different it should just be jerkin vs jerkin instead of jerkin vs etc. and other youtubers use old jerkin vids to make the other dance better

  48. nuclearthreat545 says:

    I dont have the skill to do any of this wtf

  49. @DaKingTHB cool kid bro. learn to dance? cool, learn our way before you talk. and L2 Spell lol.