Here it is, ppl. Don't expect a lot from this one 😉 Shufflers: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rockett Miketrail Yan Slackshoes Silas Tow Vahle Rocky (BE) Swifty Rocky chicken1117 Andreezy Wing Imzeh Peng Zeze Marchhair Edzkiez Willis Sercan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracks: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soulmate - Moments of Silence (Dave 202 & Phil Green Mix) Amber D - Amber's Theme (Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos Rmx) Vandall - Dream Machine Noisecontrollers - Revolution is Here Steve Hill vs. Technikal - Impulz (World Series Mix) Sol Ray & Dark by Design - Nowhere to Hide Phil York vs. Dark by Design & NDJ - Lead by Example (Vandall's Tuff HT Mix) Steve Hill vs. Technikal - Voodoo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Part 19”

  1. Rami2ruiz says:

    That sila guy really really suck he should go back to skating. I agree with u guys nowadays all they do is stomp no more shuffle. Oh yeah best shuffleler here is i believe ROCKY thats real MELBOURNE shuffle here in d US dey do some stupid shuffle

  2. hazeumeki says:

    hey stan what program do u use

  3. HardStyleSabiK says:

    4:32 - 5:00 the best dude, THATS REAL HARDSTYLE!!!!

  4. DoctorGreen666 says:

    MrGunnnah does have a point… shufflers these days are just stampin their feet to the beat…. its not relly shuffling because it doesnt actually look like they are atually shufffling across the ground more looks like they are just stampin..everyone is startin to just stamp really hard and look like they are more or less just stampin across the ground. It is still good tho… just not so much shuffling anymore.

  5. MrGunnnah says:

    all the new shufflers from like 2009 onwards dont move around as much and are really repetitive. We need more original styles that are aggressive and improve the illusion of shuffle

  6. Love how you’ve changed Yan’s music from electro to hard trance. Fits perfectly 😛

  7. PIGLETSTER91 says:

    Hey nice compile…..wonder if i can come out in one=D



  8. krazardragon says:

    Hey I was wondering, if you could or would like could you add someone or myself from my shuffle crew in your next complation we’er new and just want to get our name out. Its up to you, nice complation.

  9. Darn nice :}

  10. RedRoost80 says:


  11. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @idontgottwo07 i like his style. reminds me of my style 🙂

    if he makes any new videos, i’ll add him in there.

  12. idontgottwo07 says:

    yo when you make another shuffle compilation you should start putting my bro in their hes off the chain hands down hes to good heres his youtube page Shook132

  13. shuffleDiazZ says:

    yan and tow are rock
    and fav

  14. where do you download those music?:D
    btw, nice video 😀

  15. XChxshufflex says:


    comment my vis pls ^^

  16. BRYCE1q2w3e4r5t6y says:

    we all have different reasons for why we use our youtube name,,

    mine is because i couldnt think of anything better to use

  17. SorryPikachu says:

    why do most of the shuffler put there name title does it give it emphasis to the shuffle and there name????

  18. danstanhelma says:

    🙂 all compilation is great…

  19. StanCanShuffle345 says:


  20. hardStylebroda says:

    ayye ayye

    if i make andother fulli sick shuffle vid

    can u make another compliation?

  21. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    that’s the way i make my comps.
    live with it 😛

  22. Soooo nice! *__*

  23. They dance no best(

  24. hamster133 says:

    no u dnt u get bagged out like no tomoz trust me i no

  25. RezaWontShuffle says:

    So why insulting andreezy? he is a good looking azn man xD