MELBOURNE SHUFFLE COMPILATION PARTE 1 @siikoproductions Thanks for watching my compilation, I'm sorry if there are some errors: D this and my first compilation soon there will be more: D shuffle in order Dayon - http\ Prorock - http\\user\bybio Chiibi - http\\user\Chiibichaan Jamie - http\\user\JamieLeeRyan Sinji & Mato - http\\user\Prototyp9 Melanholy - http\\user\shufflepixel Sicky - http\\SickyShuffler555

17 Responses to “MELBOURNE SHUFFLE COMPILATION PARTE 1 @siikoproductions”

  1. Chiibichaan says:

    nem sabia disso man D:
    EAUHOEIAE yoyo *-* adoguei *O*


  2. shufflepixel says:

    Yeah bro like+fav

  3. the first guy one stepped it

  4. Whats the song starting @1:26??

  5. hondacivicj says:

    AWESOME! “.”
    No Bull

  6. RBPresents says:

    Algumas músicas ficaram offbeat pro estilo dos caras, mas ficou maneira a comp. Parabéns ai Siiko. ;P

  7. RBPresents says:

    @Paaschi951 i’m laughing with your comments bro! :D

  8. Paaschi951 says:

    lol is MAS style not Melbourne shuffle

  9. ohh thanks for add !

    – prorock !

  10. Sick Comp


  11. Plesniorowy says:

    yeahh very nice compilation!
    I like it!;D

    fav+thumbs up


  12. HamStErhhs says:


  13. Esse Dayon top em!
    Sicky nem se fala ♥

  14. SickyShuffler555 says:

    boa anão
    não conseguií ver nada nos meus videos mais de boa -QQ
    DKSADKS, tô ai
    é nois -q
    6* + fav .
    ~Sicky. -qqq

  15. liked … very cool (:

    – DarknesS THI – HD

  16. SiikoOwned says:

    wee ;D 

  17. cool. ;D’