28/04/09: Removed comment box because I grew tired of people judging me on my appearance. I didn't make this vid so that people could judge what I look like appearance wise, I made it because I loved to shuffle. To all the people who have judged me - you don't know what dancing is about, you're all about appearance and how 'shuffling' makes you look cool. At least I know I'll be having a rock with my mates not giving a shit at who's looking at me, because thats not what I'M about. Get a clue and fuck off if you aren't a true raver. The scene doesn't need you. To everyone who supported me thank you, and rock on! ^_^ Much love Mon Original blabby: This was just kinda for fun, Nothing serious hehe The editing is really crap coz I did it in half an hour. The start is me mimicking Gir of Invader Zim - My fav cartoon show. Waffles! Also these are my new fluffs thanks to Lorraine at Odd-Bod. If your interested at all here is her Myspace: She also makes custom phatt pants etc - I think she does an excellent job of phatts also (I have a pair of them to) www.myspace.com/rannyj There is a supprise at the end. Haha
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