My Recent trip to NYC and with some of the Shufflers on Facebook it was a Blast until some Dickheaded Cop had told us to leave for Dancing on private property honestly he was a dick after we were kicked out we went to mcdonalds to chill and to get some food join this group in if you want
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Melbourne Shuffler - Main Documentary

Underground Epidemic Productions ( has produced a ground breaking documentary called the "Melbourne Shuffler". Beginning in the late 80's in Melbourne's underground party scene, a revolutionary freestyle dance began to grow and has now developed into the most unique and robust dance style since the birth of Breakdancing. Initially grown from the roots of Acid Techno/House music along with back stepping and psychedelic arm movements. The Melbourne Shuffle has no set steps but encourages individuality and imagination, incorporating dance moves from numerous styles such as miming, popping & locking, liquid and breaking. But the basis of the Melbourne Shuffle has traditionally been the footwork either performed sliding left to right, on the spot or in a triangular direction, but is evolving everyday. Known as "Rocking" to the Melbourne locals the name Melbourne Shuffle has been derived from international DJs, overseas visitors and the media trying to describe this phenomenon. The Melbourne dancers don't dance for competition or to show off but for themselves, for fun and self-expression. Learning by watching other dancers and incorporating variations into their own style they create an individual style representing their own personality. The documentary traces some of the early beginnings of the Shuffle and shows how it has evolved and progressed into what it is today. Interviews with Melbourne's dancers old and new; discover why they dance, how they learned ...

26 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Meetup #14 or #15 idk and chillin at Mcdonald’s”

  1. @alaphonse331 i know and next thing you know what if thay arrest shufflers for shuffling?

  2. alaphonse331 says:

    Cops these days, no respect for shufflers.

  3. @alaphonse331 thats what we thought too but like i said that cop was probably a dick and had wanted to make us think we were doing some thing wrong

  4. alaphonse331 says:

    I don’t see private property signs every 50ms. . . so I guess this is public property.

  5. @hardanderz true shuffle is not hardstyle shuffle… If you weren’t as narrow minded as everyone you would notice that the hardstyle shuffle is just as the lmfao shuffle just another style from the real thing

  6. TotalControler says:

    this is the true melbourne shuffle this video open my eyes to the real and unique melbourne shuffle culture thanxks man !! i hope some day we can revive this times

  7. hardanderz says:

    what the first song?

  8. hardanderz says:

    fuck lmfao, fuck tb’s, fuck everyone don’t understand true shuffle! look mi vids please people 😀

  9. TheeAssViolator says:

    Why do y’all hate LMFAO they featured melbourne shufflers in their music vid and quiet frankly they can shuffle

  10. I’m very glad that I came across this documentary, it just seems like such a complete work. Incredibly well-done, as it was greatly informative as well as downright fascinating.

    Also, good thing I watched it through and through. I would not have wanted to miss 1:16:14. Haha!

  11. killkillkill666ps3 says:

    can someone tell me the name of the first track please 🙂 smiley face love this doc and the music too sick thanks for the upload

  12. mickywillfixit says:

    well people after watching the MELBOURNE SHUFFLE DOCUMENTARY i have to say it should stay in MELBOURNE as they know how to do it best. but like i say im in the UK and we have the RAVE SCENE and i have to say that the rave dance looks crap compared to the melbourne shuffle i have to say and battling i have to say is pointless i think but that is my opinion so i say be unique when you dance and just enjoy the moment

  13. i have a little project….
    i want to translate the whole video from english to spanish
    but i dont have the ear to hear all the voices….i mean…
    some thinks i understand but there is so many words i dont catch….
    can you help me?

  14. DeeJayHostile says:

    Song name at 31:33?
    And I honestly don’t know what to say about this vid. It kinda makes me emotional tbh . . .
    Its sad that people criticize one another one how bad their style is. We all have different styles. Everyone is unique and we ALL LOVE THE MOTHERFUCKING MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!
    But, one thing we do have in common, is that we hate LMFAO (: Melbourne till I die<3

    -HSU || Silence / DJ Hostile

  15. hardstyle455 says:

    @Chronomatrix BECAUSE THE lmfao is the cheap copy and MELBOURNE SHUFFLE IS FORM AUSTRALIA( melbourne)

  16. Chronomatrix says:

    @hardstyle455 That’s why I said that…

  17. hardstyle455 says:

    @Chronomatrix LMFAO IS NOT SHUFFLE

  18. Amazing. A true representation of shuffling. Anyone who wants to learn how to shuffle or are new to the scene need to watch this and not another lmgayfo music video. This dance is not ment to be exploited or profited from. Its a pure form of self expression that allows you to feel something that cant be put into words. once you lose sight of that it soon becomes a fad. just like what happened to break dancing in the 80’s. If you really wanna learn about the culture, watch this. thanks naamtune!

  19. Chronomatrix says:

    LMFAO’s vid -> over 190M views MS Documentary -> 1473 views

    This world is so fucked up…

  20. seelenbrut says:

    All i can say….: That’s a great Video….
    Thx for upload this…
    I had enjoy that…
    You shuffle with a lot of friends around the world, because you have fun and style !!!

  21. This is what started it all. <3

  22. LeMecQuiCours says:

    I remember some Ozzy mates showing me the Melbourne Shuffle a couple of Xmas’ ago. I forgot about it til I saw “Party Rock Anthem”. I’m no dancer but I have fun trying to get my “shuffle on!”

  23. I remember the first time I went to Melbourne to play a gig around 1995 – people brought their own bottles of talc powder to get the floor just right for their shuffling. And wow, could they dance!

  24. The Documentary should inspire anyone to start Melb Shuffling.

  25. GhostsMayCry says:

    @holysoks1 Just the Melbourne Shuffle. But now there is labels for every country every city.. and music. Music i understand. LOL but ooh wells. no Point in arguing about such a simple yet complex dance. ^^

  26. GhostsMayCry says:

    @holysoks1 I understand you.. and thing is i live in Cali. And all these cali kids shuffling claim they re Malaysian shuffling.. Im well known how Malaysian shuffle is. And they arent doing what they claim.. That irritates me.. And ofcourse your not gonna troll on someone in a Rave.. In a Rave its the most appropriate time to shuffle in any way.. no one cares.. But recording your self. Thats something else.. And Youtbe/ Internet starting putting labels on everything. B4 everythign was called