Melbourne Shuffle Mix (The Best 5 Shuffle Songs Of All Time)

.::READ HERE FOR PLAYLIST: 0:00-1:51 Dark Oscillators- Stereophobia 1:52-3:33 Patrick Bunton- Young Birds 3:34-5:23 Headhunterz- Scantraxx Rootz 5:24-6:53 Alpha Twins- Smack My Derb 6:55-8:02 Headhunterz- Rock Civilization
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Mix (The Best 5 Shuffle Songs Of All Time)”

  1. TheGameFreaker000009 says:

    yea i wouldnt care

  2. pwner1231 says:

    @TheGameFreaker000009 so if i thumb u down will u be happy XD?

  3. TheGameFreaker000009 says:


  4. TheGameFreaker000009 says:

    im wearing headphones

  5. littoatscooter says:

    @scantraxxIPG No problem, im an asshole. 😀

  6. scantraxxIPG says:

    @DaGamingBeast11 you sir should deserve a cookie for that statement

  7. scantraxxIPG says:

    @littoatscooter ahahha yes sorry about that its a typo 🙂

  8. stijnimanbik says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    When francis start shuffeling
    I did too

  9. CaptainPwnt says:

    @silcent14 for hardstyle, jumpstyle and shuffling work. it’s all about preference

  10. ByARandomRPG says:

    Now this one really is the best of hardstyle…

  11. @silcent14 mi kuni stupid b.t

  12. DaGamingBeast11 says:

    @scantraxxIPG these songs are amazing u deserve 1 billion views

  13. DaGamingBeast11 says:

    @silcent14 i can see were ur coming from bro i can see it as a jumpstyle but it is still shuffling

  14. littoatscooter says:

    @scantraxxIPG You mean “never” die. 😀

  15. partyboy4012 says:

    man this is one video that i like so much that i tolled everyone i knew

  16. sceneXlifeXlove says:

    @scantraxxIPG hb fuck u

  17. sickass video bro.!!! 😀

  18. scantraxxIPG says:

    Fuck LMFAO

  19. @martijn407


  20. sasuke3355 says:

    Hardstyle 4 life<3

  21. martijn407 says:

    @scantraxxIPG yes it is!!

  22. Mrquinntastic says:

    I totally agree with sirduncan8… U the man

  23. sirduncan8 says:

    Okay everyone, i agree that LMFAO sucks donkey dick. BUT… they did make shuffling more popular… HOWEVER…. shufflers (like you and i) get into arguments with LMFAO fans because the LMFAO fans say “thats not how you shuffle!!”
    LMFAO sucks in general hows that?

  24. panda6711 says:

    Lmfao is shit there songs are shit 2 I mean don’t get me wrong I love 2 shuffle hardstyle Melbourne and malay but lmfao just ruined the whole thing -.-