Melbourne Shuffle moonboy

Melbourne Shuffle moonboy
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle moonboy”

  1. JR23HARDSTYLE says:

    Dang he’s good!!

  2. 9Nuclear9Eddie97 says:

    @FlashKidGosu its HaHaHa

  3. SingleTakenHungry says:

    @sanjukumite 0|<@y Ne/er |

  4. FlashKidGosu says:

    This is great for someone his age keep it up. Also anyone know that first song?

  5. lostbear09 says:

    anyone know the songs used in this

  6. shallie10 says:

    when someone corrects someone else’s grammar = nothing clever to say

  7. akinariasu says:

    SOCKS!! SUCKS!! use a shoes on a real dance floor

  8. akinariasu says:

    SOCKS!!! SUCKS!!

  9. EmoApple216 says:

    Thats insane
    -_- make me look like a ameturre

  10. madnessbrah says:

    Anyone can shuffle with socks on a slippery surface, lol.

  11. Phillsta13 says:

    the funny thing is this kid goes to my school his name is alex

  12. periatkins says:

    this kids amazing!

  13. YodaRocks123 says:

    Look at this kid move!

  14. akapenguin1395 says:

    Wow this kid knows how to shuffle good

  15. edgarleon2 says:

    check out my shuffling video called Escape from Wonderland Presents Hardstyle in Wonderland, and Shuffle town. by clicking on the link in blue below called edgarleon2, and check me out on my shuffling/hardstyle/dubstep/da­nce page and post your dance, shuffling videos for reviews and tips on getting better on shuffling.

  16. i want to be an asian now there fucking madd ass dancers!

  17. KittyLynnLynn55 says:

    The frist song he dance to? O:

  18. kelswils123 says:

    awhh he is like what? 11-12 and he can dance like this! woah!!

  19. @Hardstyle4ever8127 says it in the name :D

  20. Hardstyle4ever8127 says:

    I lmfao watching lmfao trying to shuffle, they just made newstyle cuz hardstyle was too hard for them

  21. pigsandsheep says:

    @sanjukumite you don’t USE grammar, you make sure your sentence is making sense, including correct grammar.

  22. andreke2008 says:

    @xCamilohproh I Know fuck LMFAO I Love Hardstyle 🙂 HSC

  23. xCamilohproh says:

    @andreke2008 LMFAO = gay shuffle

  24. andreke2008 says:

    Like if you see that because a LMFAO -.-“

  25. what a dude 😀