Swify = Swifty This Video includes only the Scenes of the Practise Day! We had much fun! Later some of us decided to go to the Technobase.FM Club Invasion Vol. 8 at the Giga-Parc D├╝lmen. Tracklist: 1) DJ Phil Ty - Miami Belch 2) Technoboy - Put Some Grace When you like it comment it, rate it and maybe subscribe me ­čśŤ Tags: Giga-Parc giga parc duelmen IBD Shuffle infectedbassdemons hardstyle hard style melbshuffle melbourne frankfurt germany germanshuffle nachttheater kleve swifty joker vito rave festival shuffle hard dance jsc juiced shuffle chiller cozmo party session practice day technobase fm club invasion vol 8 dj gabby hardbase trancebase housetime tb harder

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Practise Session @ Kleve”

  1. Kaufmabra2 says:

    the guy in the white shirt on the left looked like he didnt have fun xD he just stood there the whole time haha. guess he was learning how to do it???´╗┐ idk lol but great vid, love you German kidz. always finding the weirdest things to waist your time on xD but i love to shuffle!!

  2. SkillRogues says:

    Any One Notice Theres´╗┐ Just A Random Guy Sat There Throughout the Whole Thing ­čśŤ

  3. Surgequake7 says:

    Also you guys have reeealllyyy appealing nicknames, omg´╗┐ Cozmo… Galaxy, Nerox? Damn help me ubutton my bra. *cough* sarcasm *cough*.

  4. Surgequake7 says:

    Sup with the lame pants… I cannot believe I watched this, well the human just has to watch something they dislike but that which isn’t that horrifying to see. Like a car accident, you hate to see it happen´╗┐ but you still watch.

  5. XxDeaDBladesxX says:

    U spelled´╗┐ practice wrong

  6. jeromemania says:

    Booya ist der´╗┐ Beste ­čśë !

    Mike hats drauf ­čśÇ

  7. XxPleaseLetUsRavexX says:

    OH and Leshy´╗┐ does clean hand movements.

  8. XxPleaseLetUsRavexX says:

    Swify does a clean´╗┐ running man,Vito does clean spins, Booya does clean glides,Cozmo does clean kicks, and Galaxy,should’ve kept his ass off this video.

  9. WhutThePhuq says:

    cozmo is hella fluent´╗┐

  10. mrfree133 says:

    put on shoes!!!! i hate when they shuffle with´╗┐ fucking socks!!!!!

  11. MrWolfkitty says:

    yeah you can you would just need more room to move around´╗┐ lol

  12. hanselsweet says:

    wow germany gets there shuffle´╗┐ on Ungeheuerlichkeit

  13. FMLSkateKrew says:

    galaxy looks´╗┐ like a blond version of hitler haha jk xP sick dancing!

  14. yo i just started and i has a shuffling vid on my channel,´╗┐ can anyone help me out a bit? im kinda nooby… and yes i know…. i need the huge pants /=

  15. Jo cozmo bist fett aber. Dieser galaxy iss irwie ne bissl´╗┐ gay ^^ habt ihr bei euch ein der malt?? Alao ih bin seko hast ja vll schon anna emmericherstrasse am bauzaun was von mir geshn^^ iss auf jedenfall gross und in chrom ­čśë bin aber erst 13 ­čśë xS

  16. ok so you when you dancing the melbourne when your doing the “t” move you lift the leg as the direction your going?say your moving right so you life your right leg up,well ive gotten in the habit of say going right and lifting my´╗┐ left leg up. Its alot easier for me to do it that beside the conventional way. do you think it makes a difference? shud i just keep dancing it like that or learn the right way( ive only been trying to learn the shuffle for like a week now haha )

  17. cozmocantshuffle says:

    @szakal123q haha…that`s me…´╗┐

  18. cozmocantshuffle says:

    @turanamal thanks dude´╗┐

  19. turanamal says:

    Booya´╗┐ and cozmo dominate xD lol

  20. szakal123q says:

    Cozmo´╗┐ The best

  21. @BrnX84 Pls someone can give me the name of the intro song its epic!! ´╗┐

  22. killingman49able says:

    i like´╗┐ cozmo

  23. Stackindoh says:

    Btw.. I have watched this video.. a Complete 156 Times From Beginning to End.. for 2 weeks straight.. One question.. Can i do this dance eventhough im´╗┐ 7 feet tall ( 210 Cm. )

  24. Hey:D mal ne frage macht ihr´╗┐ eig noc Pracs in Kleve?wen ja sagt mal bescheid;)

    Mfg SGR//Damon

  25. w s your name man…? 1.25 mnts
    you page or facebook??????´╗┐