My mate shuffling !!! not sure what his style is but it is deffinately worth the watch!!!

11 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle, What style is this? Must Watch!!!!”

  1. samtherealone says:

    its something of a tektonik shuffle + footwork which i LOVE! i do a lot of this actually and i think this is great because originality takes a role in it. blending also creates a lot of style which shufflers now a days… LACK. good shit, tell your friend to keep it up.

  2. connorhall70 says:

    shuffle adgender lol nice btw

  3. Dericho1985 says:

    It’s something between Malaysian Shfl and Electro Shuffle..

  4. JackJack2k says:

    it’s shuffling style :)

  5. DaNi3LoOoShuffle says:

    this is either electro shuffle or malisian syly sry cant spell that word lol 😀 come check out my vids they are the new melb shuffle 😀

  6. DJKaneHtownshuffler says:

    @NightfallCanShuffle its not old school melbourne its old school shuffle….the melbourne is more movement around the area……shuffle is more limited space.

  7. in Join!! keke

  8. nice ^^

  9. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    yeah its very nice shufflin 😉
    its oldschool melbourne shuffle ^^

  10. PecKeR19821 says:

    That is the mona lisa of shuffling

  11. djavatar93 says:

    nice moves id like that style