I wanted to make a tutorial for Youtube because the majority of How to Melbourne Shuffle & Hardstyle Tutorials are really bad quality or just not informative enough! I hope this helps everyone! Alan-kun Please Subscribe to this channel and my other channels if this does :] www.youtube.com/Vlogadelic www.youtube.com/Allhandsondeac Leave questions on my formspring! - www.formspring.me Follow me on Tumblr? Yoalankun.tumblr.com
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle/Hardstyle Tutorial 2010”

  1. Tazthestupid says:

    Do u have a fb

  2. man i watched vid and you did it exactly like them. but thanks for the details

  3. Oblivion2396 says:

    “I’m not the best at shuffling” my ass.

  4. Yoalankun2 says:

    @Brayan130891mv Overload by Ganjaguru

  5. Brayan130891mv says:

    I can write the name of the first song that comes to your video (Melbourne Shuffle / Hardstyle Tutorial 2010). Please try to get that song and I have not found … thanks! Maldito chino

  6. Thank you…but CUT YOUR HAIR SHORT!

  7. aShinyRyuk says:

    You remind me of myself xD

  8. nightglow998 says:

    Thanks a lot bro, this helped me during thr *cough*year*cough* time I was learning this and adapting it

  9. makkoman77 says:

    hey alan you learn me how to shuffle thx man thumbs up !

  10. bluenight170 says:

    so do i slide or do i hop while doing the running man? people tell me differnt things

  11. Am i the only one who watches this video for the shuffling part?

  12. PcGamingBase says:

    This helped so much thanks man:)

  13. grimmkitty1 says:

    This helped a lot! Thanks ;3

  14. DetoxBlackOps says:

    The 1st second of this video told me. Asians…

  15. bobo94220 says:

    nice epic hair xD

  16. bluenight170 says:

    whats the song called at the start of this video?

  17. Yoalankun2 says:

    @33kiljoy Nope, Just dancing for fun aha

  18. akbardodo says:

    i feel like there’s no match between the faces and the hair

  19. luvVampirate21 says:

    U can drop ur fking foot anywhere!! Haha

  20. xxjaxattackxx says:

    why is every one asian

  21. amazingfighter3 says:

    hes asian man asians are good at three things those are [keeping clean][inventing smart robot][DANCING MAIN ONE!!!!!!!!1]

  22. nickebest says:

    I can’t handle spins, I get too dizzy xD

  23. eddyk1998 says:

    thx bro but i cant get my spins write how do u keep spinin and put ya foot down i just cant get it thats y i leave it out of my hardstyle mixes

  24. ManOfDuffBeer says:

    and whats the name of the last Song?? Pleas..

  25. ManOfDuffBeer says:

    you jump a litle bid is that better?