Melbourne Shuffler Documentary Part 4/7

2005. Part 4 of 7 Jack60k. Subscribe. Underground Epidemic Productions ( has produced a ground breaking documentary called the Melbourne Shuffler. Beginning in the late 80s in Melbournes underground party scene, a revolutionary freestyle dance began to grow and has now developed into the most unique and robust dance style since the birth of Breakdancing. Initially grown from the roots of Acid Techno/House music along with back stepping and psychedelic arm movements. The Melbourne Shuffle has no set steps but encourages individuality and imagination, incorporating dance moves from numerous styles such as miming, popping & locking, liquid and breaking. But the basis of the Melbourne Shuffle has traditionally been the footwork either performed sliding left to right, on the spot or in a triangular direction, but is evolving everyday. Known as Rocking to the Melbourne locals the name Melbourne Shuffle has been derived from international DJs, overseas visitors and the media trying to describe this phenomenon. The Melbourne dancers dont dance for competition or to show off but for themselves, for fun and self-expression. Learning by watching other dancers and incorporating variations into their own style they create an individual style representing their own personality. The documentary traces some of the early beginnings of the Shuffle and shows how it has evolved and progressed into what it is today. Interviews with Melbournes dancers old and new; discover why ...
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24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffler Documentary Part 4/7”

  1. ajamieson87 says:

    Its a shame the rave scene gone has down hill.

  2. DFUBOASFB says:

    I wanted to dance as a kid. I tried ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, etc. I gave up. 2 months ago I found Melbourne shuffle and totally fell in love. I love the music and the way I can feel free when shuffling. Everyday I practice. Everyday I wait until the day I will meet another shuffler.

  3. chaiderdvl says:

    Who is the girl dancing in time 00:19 ?

  4. Idratherbedancing1 says:

    In all of the mass-shuffling shots, I keep cringing whenever I see a one-stepper in comparison to all these amazing dancers. XD

  5. MrSethticles says:


  6. clugerfinder says:

    @JaKeL13 i do.

  7. JaKeL13 says:

    Why don’t you guys dance like this?

  8. Man can’t stop moving this Doc’s just making me wanna Rock out like hell!!

  9. UndergroundEpidemic says:


  10. thelinx1 says:

    @SkylineSoundz F**KING FINALLY FOUND IT - Harvest Brothers – Conan

  11. SkylineSoundz says:

    whats the song on the begining.. pls anyone 😀

  12. Viser11222 says:

    @sentokan look up the album and then each song one at a time lol, thats what i did a few times

  13. fuckliao says:

    @jack60k thank you jack. i reposted 1-7 on my facebook. i so love shuffle i swear

  14. sentokan says:

    @jack60k Can u tell me the name of the song Pleaseeee!!! Great stuff here!!;)

  15. sentokan says:

    Come on! I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG!!  PLEASEEEEE!!!!!! Great stuff! Great stuff!!

  16. emmetheshithead says:

    I’d kill for this soundtrack <3

  17. EvilBerzerker2 says:

    whats the song at 2.52?

    Cheers in advance!

  18. Idratherbedancing1 says:

    i feel like i’m on acid… ahahaha and btw i LOVE this documentary! LOVE IT!!

  19. Bommer129 says:

    Yes I was stating the obvious because somebody thought this was a European dance.

  20. @Bommer129

    Explains the Australian accents…

    State the oblivious why don’t you lol

  21. LittleRockStar2 says:

    what’s the song at 1:13?

  22. like these vids !!

  23. shufflealpha says:

    Trop tripant

  24. makotoyoshikuni says:

    Are there any new school shuffler dvds?