The trailer for the highly anticipated rave / dance documentary on the underground dance style called the Melbourne Shuffle. Featuring extraordinary underground dance footage and interviews with international / local DJs, party organizers and of course the rockers themselves! OUT NOW Check out TO BUY 2-DISC DVD SET

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffler Documentary Trailer”

  1. ReverseBassTracks says:

    this was one of the first Melbourne Shuffle videos I ever watched, now 4 years later still rocking it 😉

  2. jibba0jabba1 says:

    This was back when shuffling was awesome… Before all the commercialised shit you see now…. Back when it was only ever seen in the rave scene. God how I miss those days 🙁

  3. MrGusse0123 says:

    Melbourne Shuffle is just Spin, kicks and much more!

  4. TheRaveNeon says:

    i love melbourne shuffle. i have been shuffling since i was 11 people used to ask me wats melbourne shuffle,, i wish i can dance on stage infront of people =D

  5. warmaster118 says:

    i know a ton of dance styles, but shuffling is my signature dance, the music is great and the dancing is fun

  6. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where I teach some lil kids to shuffle, its funny shit.

  7. @bradicalable

    Andy Maurer- Enemy

  8. FAYTification says:

    hey everyone check out me and my crews shuffle videos CFH (created for hardstyle) you won’t be dissapointed we have some of the best shuffling around! 🙂

  9. asianbboy911 says:

    I like the shuffle but I find it a lot more fun when you combine it with other styles like popping. The movement flows well with the isolations of popping.

  10. JakesTubeTutorials says:

    @ARCHAICRUIZ Basicallt it all was out there just not incorperated

  11. ARCHAICRUIZ says:

    @JakesTubeTutorials I thought just certain parts of it were like the running man

  12. FAYTification says:

    check out my family shuffling also check out my crew CFH (created for hardstyle) if you like the melbourne shuffle you will NOT be dissapointed!

  13. Jbeezyburr says:

    Most retarded documentary ever.

  14. JakesTubeTutorials says:

    @ARCHAICRUIZ The dance is almost older then you

  15. @chippychips87  Enemy – Andy Maurer

  16. diamonddust97 says:


  17. MegaDannyO says:


  18. Shininglol123 says:

    tracklist please =)

  19. uncleandreas96 says:

    I wana learn how to do this this looks sick… Fuck the jerk

  20. NHShaynne says:

    this dance should have been huge, not die down after 4 years of popularity, fuck hip hop , fuck jerkin, fuck contempary, shuffle is foreverrr !

  21. I think the term is ‘FK YEAH!’ Right?! Lol. East cOast Has here. Melb is a state of being!! Love it!

  22. lesgigg1980 says:

    @themelody979 true but alot of teens shuffle because its the “in” thing too. i am 15 too and i think alot of teens r only doing it because its the “in” thing

  23. TheResistance92 says:

    There just one thing I kick myself for every day now… i should have started shuffling when I was even younger :p

  24. bradicalable says:

    sole scuffers ………..

  25. chippychips87 says:

    i love this song,who can tell me the song title??