ming; slow shuffle

tetris [tocadisco remix] - kid dub i like the song so i made a vid to it =]
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  1. DerCooleMinecrafter says:


  2. kaeselord says:


  3. BRabbitN06 says:

    beat is awesome, dancing is awesome!! 😀

  4. 1h1tf1n1sh3r says:

    Too repetitive, but still good.
    thumbs up.

  5. ziplockism says:

    that is so fuckign cool

  6. mastachiefs49 says:


  7. jameztrekd says:

    i got some vids on youtube from a couple months ago rofl

  8. pepperSTP says:

    haha got any recent vids?

  9. jameztrekd says:

    and yes i still do. but the past 2 days my back has been killing me for some reason O.o

  10. jameztrekd says:

    he he i was over exadurating on purpose… im good. that make you happy? XD

  11. pepperSTP says:

    did you really just call yourself perfect after 3 weeks of shuffling ???

    i mean i wouldnt know i havent seen you but like.. cmon thats a bit shit..
    anyways are you still doing it? youd be pretty good by now .. i wana learn.

  12. cybersasho says:


  13. jameztrekd says:

    hardstyle is more amazing :(

  14. jameztrekd says:

    its pretty easy once you get the hang of it, i mean i started 3 weeks ago and now im like… perfect 😛 and so yeah just… learn the basics (t-step, spins, runningman…) and you’ll prlly get the rest of it really easily, hope this helps 🙂

  15. OrAnGeYsKaTe says:

    Nahh, pretty much just like melb.

    ‘Nuff said.

  16. Goggles001 says:

    Yes, actually there is…
    Softstyle contains more fluid movements and is generaly smoother.
    Hardstyle means your lifting your legs higher and is focused more on “bouncing” with the beat.
    The major diffrence between both is mostly in the running man.

  17. CelineszCigarsz says:


  18. RaisonToast says:

    I cant find the song anywhere D=

  19. hardstep00 says:

    nice vid!! 😉

    watch my videos!

  20. OrAnGeYsKaTe says:

    it’s his own style…

    ps. no such thing as softstyle ;]

  21. XbleedingXbladeX says:

    I need help. I have to be able to shuffle!! =O

  22. lrodgerstas says:

    this vid with benny benassi vs public enemy- bring the noise is fucking sick!

  23. djayjarvis says:

    yea man hard style is to heavy…jelly and ice cream musik i love softstyle

  24. goldjarblack44 says:

    nice style

  25. AXAROCKSTAR says:

    I love your style bro..