Minky doing the Melbourne Shuffle......soo funny! music: Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It
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25 Responses to “Minky doing the Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. MDMApanda420 says:

    who’s costume is this lol

  2. MiMDMuzik says:

    hahahaha yeee thats some funny stuff!!!

  3. coolhandHAL says:

    haha pure class

  4. BabesRare says:

    @MrJoeinator12 Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand – Let Me Think About It (Radio Edit)

  5. ilovestarbucks921 says:


  6. FarrahForgetMeNot says:

    that is is soooo cutee.

  7. UndeadxNurse says:

    I think I just pissed myself a bit, while laughing…

  8. stormwreaver says:


  9. MrJoeinator12 says:

    what song is that?

  10. MrJoeinator12 says:

    every one i noticed something @ 1:08 it’s hard to see so pause it then go exactly to 1:08

  11. im gonna become my schools mascot now just so i can shuffle in the costume xp

  12. @fagnipple not avatar like the lame movie, but for a picture on forums and such.

  13. I want an avatar of this lol.

  14. 530WARRIOR says:

    this is just as dirty as finding yoru dads wedding ring in yoru sissters vagina… = /

  15. Seitsneddeppat says:

    hahah great maaaan great… keep it on haha real epic!!!!

  16. LMFAOO . such a funny looking mascot !

  17. LOVE IT! 🙂

  18. StealthNinjaX2 says:

    totally awesome

  19. whale got mad skillz!

  20. MakaFanaTiko14 says:

    LOL XD

  21. poptartiscrazy says:

    That is hilarious. Lmao

  22. humvee600 says:

    awesome shuffling, go minky go

  23. theplayah22 says:

    go minky gooooo !!!

  24. bludablaz says:

    awesome lol

  25. kennethkiwistone says: