1st Entry for Momi Cup (to be Completed) VPVP Wiki MMD 7.30 ALL Motion Data by me Choreography(dance moves) of Pae & Sarah www.youtube.com before it was on PaeCantShuffle but that channel is closed, dunno why Music: Trance Generators - Do you wanna Balloon (to understand why I put Ronald check this) www.youtube.com Forgotten Credits: MME0.26 Diffusion Diffusion 3 Sorry if there isn't more effect I'm still learning how to use them, also I have a crappy ATI video card Sorry that I didn't finish this in time though I'm still at a beginner level and I'm just getting started Recommended Music with muted video: Headhunterz - Rock Civilization Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia Scooter - J'adore hardcore (The melbourne - Club mix) SHOWTEK - Freak Razr - Zany The Pitcher - I can't stop it Headhunterz vs Abject - Scantraxx Rootz etc.. Any that you like Woow this is crazy I got the curiosity to check out NicoNicoDouga, searching for any MMD Shuffle again and found out that someone posted this video on 120% speed.
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25 Responses to “[MMD 1st Momi Cup] Melbourne Shuffle of Pae & Sarah”

  1. hyabusa2211 says:

    its a good thing im not afraid of clowns XD

  2. forhearts425 says:

    Len doesnt match the “shuffler” title idk maube its just mw. Vid great though-3

  3. multilegolover says:

    howd u make this!?

  4. xXxCaterynaxXx says:

    I think someone stole your video…

  5. thewoopwoop1000 says:


  6. @vashh909 The characters here are Vocaloid character avatars, and Vocaloids are voice synthesizers used for music. This program, MikuMikuDance, was created as a basic 3D animation tool for Vocaloid users to be able to create nice looking videos/dances to go with their music …but it expanded and now people do whatever type of dance or animation with it with whatever characters they want, since people make models of just about anyone and anything xD

  7. thescheibers6923 says:

    BEST PARTS  0:27-3:18

  8. BaddtraxxWorxx says:


  9. theboss47007 says:

    @vashh909 They r not from Shufflers that u was talking about, They r not from anime neither, Melbourne Shuffle is a dance move, i think. They r characters from Vocaloid.

  10. Who are these people? o-o
    What anime are they from? lol
    Sorry, I purely read manga and have never came across this dope crew of shufflers. xD

  11. mYverTi0n says:


  12. ultramegasupermanxdl says:

    this is beast people need to make more!

  13. ultramegasupermanxdl says:

    epic teto moment! lol

  14. Awsome

  15. Ghostwriter919 says:

    Wow I wonder what I would look like O.o

  16. you just blew my mind…

  17. Mistydayswithyou says:

    all i gotta say is, Bad . Ass . ^^”

  18. unit2135532 says:

    Ronald caught me off guard and I fell and got a couple of stitches in my head

  19. chelseaajoyy says:

    Haha, this is freakin’ awesome. 😀

  20. dreamslovesoul says:

    I was surprise that one of my friends, that aren’t into the Vocaloid stuff but is into the shuffle, posted this on my wall.

  21. ILoveSnsdBigBang says:

    Haku’s one was the hardest! O: 😀 Thanks for the amazing shuffle video! I love your MMDs :3

  22. Fuck yes

  23. MorososAP says:

    Megurine Luka

  24. antejohanunf says:

    lol only i can say is epic! :O

  25. TellMeMoreGirl says:

    who was the girl at 2:10