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Third Official American Melbourne Shufflers Compilation, hope you enjoy =] Visit www.myspace.com/usashuffle featured ( Order of Appearance ) : Mac Hekto Dnee Andreezy Jayyy Rawr Tuan Denny Bubbles Will N-Dru Zeze Acez Kyren D4N11z Karen Anthony Aking Brian Brandon Kimchee JuJu POoka Remkye Cecil Koriiz - SOUND TRACK - 1. Backslash vs Mikkas - Output (Orignal Mix) 2. Deepforces - Shell Shokk (Original mix) 3. Chemistry - Heartbeat (Deepforces Remix) 4. DJ Virens - Eternity Ends 5. Van Der Karsten - Medicine (Club Mix) 6. Trance Eclipion - Spirit of Trance (Megara vs DJ Lee Remix) (210409) - Honors for this video (7) #73 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Australia #21 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Entertainment - Australia #92 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Entertainment - Australia #26 - Most Responded (Today) - Entertainment - Australia #45 - Most Responded (This Week) - Entertainment - Australia #39 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Entertainment - Australia #38 - Top Rated (This Week) - Entertainment - Australia Note: Sorry if you were not featured in the following video, did my best to try and find new dancer's, thank you for your cooperation.

46 Responses to “MY HUNGARIAN SHUFFLE ALL STARS!!!(Compilation)”

  1. cartman1990ful says:


  2. jmsm1995 says:

    Beastin it up hungarian style btches

  3. SzabikaDK says:

    világok harca 😀 azok a robotok v ürlények v mittomén mik voltak azok adtak ilyen hangot ( :

  4. HardMover7 says:


  5. Mroracleboy says:

    gratulálok, nagyon jó vidi a zene is kifejezetten jó. SHOWTEK 4 lifeee

  6. pepexxx001 says:

    Szép 🙂 Good Shufflers 😀 Jók vagytok 😀

    [B]m[H]// Pepe

  7. MasterDworV says:


  8. szoszi07AKPH says:

    nagyon jó miketrial hol tanultad cask mert énis tanulom már fél éve de nem megy anyira :S

  9. SzabikaDK says:

    in more info

  10. MaGiiCzTwiiXx says:


  11. tay090909 says:

    Very nice, great shufflng ^^ 5*
    Friend invite*


  12. 5k !

  13. MalboroShuffler says:

    Love it =) nice job 5* fav. …respect bro =)

  14. SzabikaDK says:

    Luna and dutch master –  The scene (original mix)

  15. In More info 😉 —->

  16. mityxmouse says:

    wats the song at 3:00 someone plzzz tell mee

  17. shufledance says:

    cool bro 5/5 subscribe



  18. MonkeyOfGG says:

    Not too slow, he just edited the video to go with the music – it’s hard to match it up perfectly. I’m sure it was perfect in real life 😉

  19. taki5baj says:

    nem találom a profilját, van neki még 1általán?

  20. androdudu

  21. taki5baj says:

    Dudu nak volt régen itt videója youtube on, csak már nemtalálom a profilját, van még neki 1általán? és ha van mi a neve? 😀 kösszi 😀

  22. danishuffle says:

    ez is nagyon jóóó lett ^^
    fav + 5*

  23. Sztem elég oroszosnak hat, hogy nem egy shufflernek jump-féle is van a koreográfiájában… Nem azt mondom, h akárkinél is jobb vagyok, de ez nekem eléggé minuszpont… De a videó kúl, jó a tracklist ( egy évek óta keresett számot szereztem meg most így ezzel 🙂 ), ugyhogy a stíluskeveréstől eltekintek, 5 csillag ! 😉 🙂

  24. valles97 says:

    i shuffle and im not asian

  25. domosaywha says:

    Andreezy ! best shuffler in the world XDDDDD

  26. kryptonite0909 says:

    the “idiot” comment probably wasn’t necessary. and I’m always a sucker for not seeing that posts were from long ago >< so I do apologize. I do not have a hatred for people's opinions, just thought that comment was a bit...odd. either way, lets just shuffle! ^^

  27. derbedog says:

    “derbedog 2 years ago” A lot has changed since then… my attitude toward shuffling included. What is quite current, however, is your obvious hatred for the opinions of others, as evidenced through your unjustifiable insult “idiot.” So if you should express yourself through the music, please express your misplaced anger. The rave scene needs that kind of attitude. Have a nice life 🙂

  28. kryptonite0909 says:

    you obviously don’t understand what shuffling is about. its not a revolution, its a dance that is becoming more popular. No one is searching for a leader, just to express themselves through this dance. idiot.

  29. “09” good times good times.
    the style of shuffle changes every year. i like old skool better!!!!
    bring back the “07” style


  30. SwimmingTiger says:

    nice to see some USA shufflers! keep it up!

  31. Ghosty2142 says:

    Ok im just gunna start shuffling and IM AMERICAN if you guys think im gunna do it wrong then send me a vid saying how I should do it right otherwise i’ll do it the way I want.

  32. MetalUnit says:

    fuckin gooks

  33. HDRobot1000 says:

    Mac G. FTW. XD

  34. AZNShuffler911 says:

    Can i join usa shuffle?

  35. how would i get in an american melborune shuffler compilation?

  36. valles97 says:

    how do you become part of American Melbourne Shufflers

  37. valles97 says:

    i can shuffle but im not asian im mexican

  38. WhatIsSimplySkilled says:

    dude. the people in the video are from america. not australia. what the fuck you goin off about > . > also how stereotypical to think americans are gangsters. i hate those people. i hate rap music. and i hate their crump/cwalk shit. > . >

  39. connector321 says:

    what’s the song at 5:00?

  40. Kilatypus says:

    Hey. You. I can tell you all the things wrong with your sentence, But I’m too lazy so I’m just gunna be a troll and say. Shut the Fuck up. No one cares about you. You live for our entertainment. Now go back in the corner and make my money. Rofl.

  41. wan2shuffle says:

    I live in New Mexico And theres probably 20 shuflers from here I seen and most of them aren’t asian

  42. Genithus says:

    Nice compilation man! just drop by to show my love for Melbourne shuffle =)

  43. REEP3R187 says:

    i dont think its a racial slur, alot of them are asians and it is true, i think they are just better at melbourne shuffle since the “Malaysian” shuffle grew in malaysia and they might just be naturally gifted to be good :p and for some reason, here in LA alot of hispanics know how to shuffle but to slower music like electro/house/fidget and its huge here, but idk any asian shuffler who doesn’t do hardstyle here! i find it weird

  44. PutYourFaceOn says:

    4:45 is so hot 🙂 Love his style!

  45. SkateBamX says:

    OMG need that song at 4:47 (its not in the list) ._.

  46. lilLatino9 says:

    wait what? young aussies think their american never heard that before