My Top Shufflers

This is Melbourne Shuffle.Revolution of Dance. MY FAVOURITE SHUFFLERS -.- Comment,rate and Sub.. Thx for watching Songlist : OUT ! .

25 Responses to “My Top Shufflers”

  1. Androooo182 says:

    song 1:53? ;s

  2. DaisCanShuffle says:

    it means Running man

  3. Shawn950911 says:

    can anyone tell me wat is “rm” meaning in shuffle?

  4. crazymetroid says:

    you might have already found out but the 2nd song is DJ Tinnitus-Tinnitus

  5. Song at 3:51 Release – Vandall & Ryan B

  6. TheSprayartist says:

    i dont like the new shuffle styles… i wat back the good old smooth rm from mikki

  7. that glide at :08 is disgusting!

  8. ANHONY10 says:


  9. PresentsBM says:

    its meeee, hahaahah xd

  10. DarkLadyC96 says:

    it’s Bruuuh from bass masters


  11. xXStrangerXx6 says:


  12. Slash1234678 says:

    Tinnitus Dj team – Tinnitus (took me ages to find xD)

  13. What’s song at 3.51?

  14. Threesin says:


  15. xXStrangerXx6 says:

    who is that at 0:50 – 1:50
    anybody know his name???

  16. SimonShufflesHard says:


    1) Paul Webster – Istanbul
    2) DJ Tinnitus – Tinnitus
    3) Neon Lights – Not Over Yet (Original Mix)
    4) Future Tribes – Deadlock
    5) Dunno but i want it T.T
    6) Release – Vandall & Ryan B
    7) Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger(Hard Kandy Mix)

    Thums Up so everyone can see the songlist!

  17. JeyJeyme says:

    Songlist please !

  18. viennaboy2 says:

    best shuffler at 00:50 😀

  19. xXAkitokunXx says:

    love the music

  20. L3XIL3A7H4L says:

    Who’s the guy in the red shirt after Breeno or is that still him at 2:46?

  21. MIGUELSWS says:

    what’s the song that breno dance????

  22. LotsofHeadshots says:

    That is mikki its a club style that he used in clubs cause its crowded as fuck. Just was him showing his new style.

  23. DriigoHBS says:

    First song is Istanbul, second is tinnitus, third is it’s not over by neon lights, fourth is “deadlock” qlimax anthem 2006, idk the rest, last is in the comments

  24. Blastukazz says:

    And what about the song before last song ?

  25. eriqparkour97 says:

    what’s song that mikki shuffling ?