NEW! Family Guy Melbourne Shuffle

Family Guy character Will Smith does the Melbourne Shuffle and Running man. Cartoon Shuffle [NOTE] I Can make Part 2 of the same video with much more t-step shuffling and transitions, comment if wanted cos IDK.

25 Responses to “NEW! Family Guy Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. bradXshuffle says:

    I see spongebob to the right :>

  2. roblox12304 says:


  3. Pr0styl3rzz says:

    Bad graphics. Could be 360p

  4. take a good sound track and add a repeated overly loud base track

  5. darklucky16 says:

    @CadaverKevin Basically its part of the process to melbourne shuffle

  6. TheTaco1995 says:

    please everyone stop staying kanye west stronger it is daft punk harder better faster stronger they made it first

  7. MrTrueHellsing says:

    :D nice

  8. RiddlemethisTags says:

    This is soooooooooooooo funny but it’s cool to !

  9. 77mightyguy says:

    @madnko harder better faster stronger by daft punk

  10. TheXxlikeabossxX says:

    @Weezy2416 no…………..its not….. kayne took it from Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger obviously this has been remixed like many others to work with better with raves or shufflers

  11. Weezy2416 says:

    Well he copied it.

  12. Weezy2416 says:

    Stronger kanye west.

  13. SuperDarkstalker says:

    75 people like lmfao more then this DX!!

  14. Weezy2416 says:

    75 people r retarded this is the shit.

  15. what is the name of the song in the video ??

  16. DudePanda13 says:

    sick what a beast

  17. @350zBeatingYou
    Do you mind if I extend this?

  18. @MinecraftWolfFan u can’t see it all 24 hours but its cool…

  19. DudePanda13 says:

    thats beets everyones shuffle

  20. FunnyVideoMaker01 says:

    I favorited!!!

  21. 77mightyguy says:

    @CadaverKevin true that

  22. CadaverKevin says:

    Since when is the running man, the melbourne shuffle?

  23. zJerryable says:

    @BlackIllusion1000 Yeah forgot 😛

  24. DarkNoObing says:

    Do a longer version pls 😀 i Love it 😉

  25. lewissmallwoods says:

    240P We meet again.