Hi)) it's just some of my practics! I hope you like it! Comment, rate, add to favourite and so on =D Songs name: Giorgio martini - in 2 the future
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25 Responses to “New Melbourne shuffle 2010 by HDM//ReLikT”

  1. Even if he is on a wood floor (even with suede soles or something like that), his form is impeccable, his Running Man is smooth with a super wide stance, his spins are great, and keeping control over that much momentum is not trivial. That is some amazing hardstyling!

  2. CrazyGirl61420 says:

    I Like song ! | they are very good

  3. This is some sexy shuffling right here :O and bro you hella look like Rocky! O.o

  4. kandikidify says:

    Danm o.O nice spin

  5. GuiGonJohn says:

    @Mikorkor are you kidding me! I saw him wearing that shirt to your moms house! He showed me the next Fay all the claw marks on it. Dick head! Lol he shuffles into your mom… hahaaaa!!!!

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  7. bestbrothers1234ever says:


  8. Hecdick125 says:

    hsa sacco much

  9. soo good! <3

  10. This guy has the BEST style I’ve seen since HSA/HSJ Rocky…Maybe even better!!

  11. JamisonShuffle says:

    that spin just raped my eyes.

  12. TheCyberTrack says:

    niiice !!!!

  13. MsAlexavier says:

    Nice Spin!

  14. wow men i loveyour shuffle!!

  15. TheAsianBoi72ndST says:

    so goddamn good ur such a good inspriation 😛

  16. xXSoSickiVomitXx says:

    It doesnt even look like he’s trying! Like a boss. xP

  17. noobshuffler22 says:

    Put up a tutorial

  18. this is almost unreal… no doubt that this has to be one of the best distance shufflers out there

  19. very good, great balance a lot better than the dancers when i used to club

  20. blazybone420 says:

    tight! you got the flow!

  21. weeerandomaccount says:

    his spiiiiinnnnnnnnnnssssssss

  22. noobshuffler22 says:

    teach me plz

  23. itchmikehunt says:

    @HSrPipe I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SPIN N NOT FALL ON MY ASS haha it looks so amazing ay

  24. i want those f*cking spins >:|

  25. theminer94 says:

    This is Verry cool dance 😛