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25 Responses to “Newstyle Shuffle”

  1. TheAsianBoi72ndST says:

    hey mac g can you make a tutorial ? 😛

  2. HyperCre8ions says:

    @ieatkidz4breakfast Indeed i have, have you?

  3. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    @HyperCre8ions ever heard of sarcasm ?

  4. multilegolover says:

    thats not newstyle. newstyle in just doing the running man and i little t-step. and theres no newstyle or oldschool shuffles, theres just party rock shuffle and melbourne shuffle (melbourne shuffles better! thumbs up if u agree!)

  5. HyperCre8ions says:

    @ieatkidz4breakfast o.O

  6. Shawn950911 says:


  7. @arcticrhinoturd For life, and after.

  8. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    @arcticrhinoturd who’s LMFAO ?

  9. mikael6000able says:


  10. ElectroHouseAcid says:

    OMG thats shuffling <3 I sad that your todays style isn't the same like in 2008, but i know how hard it is to hold the one style, cause everybody wants to practise and everybody wants new moves so the style changes 🙁

  11. themojoboys says:

    Now that’s shuffling’!! Powerful dancing! Thumbs up for Mac G!!!

  12. spawn88productions says:

    nice shuffle manz. you got DSkillz 😀

  13. CaD0SkilzZ says:

    stamp on the ground

  14. Becklicous19997 says:

    omg tats mad shufflin <3

  15. Anttraxfull says:

    Epic shuffler..<3

    Bass Agressive | Rage

  16. SeoulMotion says:


    just like your channel ^^

  17. tantalbnco says:


  18. tantalbnco says:


  19. Thumps up if u reckon Mac G should teach LMFAO how to really shuffle

  20. PutridBabies says:

    This guy is awesome *_* I should go back practicing ^^

  21. SeoulMotion says:

    Okay *************** PLEASE VOTE THIS COMMENT UP. THIS IS MAC G. (THE DANCER IN THIS VIDEO). Feel free to comment this video, although I no longer use this channel (SeoulPlaer). My NEW channel (SeoulMotion) is the one you guys should be checking out! Tons of new shuffle videos, and also more of my Electro House production. Once again, take the half moment and vote up this comment so people know that this channel is inactive -.-

    BN | HR | Mac G.

  22. MrGusse0123 says:

    @Animated96gamer Mac-G Got a new channel “SeoulMotion”

  23. alexgcoelho says:

    Asian LVL 99

  24. HazzaMurray says:

    @Mikorkor i know lol what makes it worse is they charge to give lessons lol theres a video on youtube of them teaching ryan someone the video is 4 minutes long and they told him at the end you can now shuffle like a pro dude LIKE A PRO IN 4 MINUTES iv been shuffeling for a year and im not even that good yet 4 minutes my arse lol it makes it worse that they think theyre good at it put them in a room with hsa 30 seconds is the longest they would last if theyre lucky lol

  25. @HazzaMurray np bah ..they ruined what is known as “Shuffle”