Hi everyone... A quick and simple shuffle clip that I made 4fun. Maybe favorite? Enjoy guys 🙂 Want to dance like this? ;]] Starring: Panich, Intaro, Denni, Enryoki [4 Different style] Edited by Fant1: facebook.com vkontakte.ru Song by Nadia Ali - Not Thinking (KhomHa Sunrise Extended Mix)

NOT MY SONG. Okay so if you have seen the Melbourne Shufflers-The Shuffle music video you will see that the shuffling within the video is HORRIBLE not the worse but definetly not for a video that represents shuffling so i took it upon myself to make my own and show the people how shuffling should really look in that video i dont want people to be introduced by those losers.


  1. love Enryoki style <3

    very nice video 😀


  2. BEEFHUNTERZ says:

    denni got a channel? 😀 WHERRE

  3. Karpeev73 says:

    @IHKJasonakaBladeZ thanks you bro) your comment makes me happy

  4. Karpeev73 says:

    @SilkRHa I believe I said it 3 times already in my comments, you could check and use control + F to search before asking ;P

  5. IHKJasonakaBladeZ says:

    This, my man, is really REALLY a clean and a very VERY smooth edit! I love the transitions from one clip to the next and how smooth it is, and your song choice was really good! I’m glad there’s still a good editor in today’s shuffling community 🙂

  6. what editing software?

  7. Karpeev73 says:

    @Improvemts yea)thx)

  8. Improvemts says:

    amazing video ;o i love it :)

  9. TehMachMaker says:


  10. Seabiscuit808 says:

    what software you used? so good editing and nice clips

  11. @Karpeev73 <3 *-*

  12. Karpeev73 says:

    @woulry thanks you <3

  13. nice video, edit perfect *o*
    very vibe music!
    like and fav**

    | Kiko

  14. Karpeev73 says:

    @6kakarott I believe I said it 3 times already in my comments, you could check and use control + F to search before asking ;P

    Anyway, i use sony vegas, adobe, cinema 4d, photoshop and other mini programm

    google for it and you can download it.

  15. @AieRjO Спасибо:)

  16. i like your graphic… how did u make it??
    please tell me…

  17. Едит шикарен

  18. @maarcuzxd Thanks you <3

  19. fkin awesome edit man ^. ^
    keep it up
    sad im not in , X_X

  20. @Karpeev73 LOL. Shit I just noticed you put the song in the description. :l

  21. BaconExpress says:


  22. Karpeev73 says:

    @deadk4tCA wtf? :D

  23. deadk4tCA says:

    Song at 2:15? D:

  24. TheInfurio says:

    Now THAT, is some Sick Editting!

  25. FAYTification says:

    @Lrigg huh?

  26. Its a T-rex shuffling LOL

  27. FAYTification says:

    @AnotherHumblePerson thanks man appreciate it! 🙂

  28. FAYTification says:

    @AaJoIV wow thanks man glad you to find someone that appreciates it yes its very hard to shuffle that way and my bro has come into his own now i’m so proud haha appreciate the feedback

  29. This is really really good. Its not sloppy whatsoever. Most people don’t notice the little things but how you keep on your heal with ur toes up is NOT as easy as it look. They usually do flat foot. And you taught your little bro pretty darn well too!!

  30. FAYTification says:

    @MHSslider96 thanks bro! yeah that would be sick!

  31. MHSslider96 says:

    Go wade! Your little bro and my sister should do a duo haha. Great shuffling with the heel and nice style! :D. HSU Mattz

  32. FAYTification says:

    @BulletDodge57 its mostly just shufflin with your heal >.< lol if you want to see someone really good at it check out wingzero616!

  33. BulletDodge57 says:

    @FAYTification I wish i could dance like that! 😀 Ur crazy good!

  34. FAYTification says:

    @BulletDodge57 thank bro glad you like it!

  35. BulletDodge57 says:

    I like this style!

  36. FAYTification says:

    @bradXshuffle thanks buddy 🙂

  37. bradXshuffle says:

    Nice, real oldschool! 🙂

  38. FAYTification says:

    @DEFKISSDAY no thats THEIR style and no one but a few people like it and if you have seen any others those losers took credit and claimed they help start the shuffle. i get it you really want to prove your point but i have my opinion and you have yours i know yours now and mine and many others feel that shuffling isn’t two step running man mixed with hip hop moves. look up a video called best shuffler in southern california its the best example i can give you

  39. DEFKISSDAY says:

    @FAYTification i know its not outdated, i was wrong about that. These people who shuffle in the video are doing a style of melbourne. Its wrong to criticize any kind of shuffling. They dont shuffle horrible, in fact, for what theyre trying to do, its good. Notice all 4 or however many of them there are are doing the same thing. Its not like they all learned it completely wrong and randomly found eachother. They were interviewed and if you watch, they had been shuffling like that for years

  40. FAYTification says:

    @DEFKISSDAY trust me i know what i’m talking about. and that video is nothing close to any kind of old school shuffle and the farthest from original. what that video is hip hop kids like lmfao’s mixing 2 step running man in with their hip hop dancing. 2 step runing man is not shuffling and nothing about that video is outdated it was made only 3 years ago.

  41. DEFKISSDAY says:

    @FAYTification yes, everyone nowadays has the same opinion. I even think the video shuffling doesnt look cool, but back then, that was the cool style, like what your trying to do now is. and tons of people shuffle like that. A lot of people on that gay melbshuffle site and videos and stuff do. And making the statement “never seen them shuffle that way” doesnt mean a thing, because you dont have to post videos to be able to shuffle. Dont say theyre wrong. Its the original but outdated way.

  42. FAYTification says:

    @DEFKISSDAY okay? i don’t know if you noticed but nearly everyone has the same opinion as i do about that video me and many others don’t think it should represent the dance in a music video about shuffling. and i have never seen anyone but them shuffle that way. i would call it croc with a little 2 step running man.

  43. DEFKISSDAY says:

    the way your shuffling in this video was disrespected by the older versions of shuffling. The shiffling in the original video was the “in” style at the time. Saying its dont wrong and horrible is an ignorant comment. They would say the same about this video if they saw this at the time.

  44. FAYTification says:

    @andrewxagony haha tecktonik is gay. i think it looks great. i don’t like just pure running man shuffle. but i do see where you come from in a couple of my videos i was trying something new so it does look a bit off check out my most recent video its much better 🙂

  45. andrewxagony says:

    Never did like people with those weird arched hand motion things…. Looks too much like tecktonik to me personally.

  46. FAYTification says:

    @dirtbika4ya haha wow thanks for the support man 🙂 glad you liked it

  47. dirtbika4ya says:


    sHuFfLe 4eVeRRr!! <3

  48. ShredStikz69 says:

    watch my shuffle video just click my username. ive been shuffling for like 1 month and tell me if im ok?

  49. @FAYTification Im Jokin